Thursday, September 13, 2012

Redeem voucher

Remember that I have won RM500 Jacob's voucher where I gave RM200 Parkson voucher to Mama.

and all of Mama's children constantly reminded her to utilise the voucher as soon as possible before the voucher goes missing. Yelah, Mama jenis yang senang terlupe, so turun lah dekat anak dia yang tua ni :)

And while shopping Raya at KL Festival City recently, mama has finally redeemed the vouchers ;)

I memang dah agak dah mama akan utilise the voucher untuk bende-bende macam gini .. 

1 Square bowl set
3 jugs

I am not sure how much was the total cost, but my sister told me that Mama had to topup another RM20.

I think yang mahal Bowl Set tu kot ..

*Alhamdulillah yang penting Mama pun happy

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