Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Emir and his neighbour

Dear Emir and Danny

Im putting this down to let both of you know how close you are with each other. There is nothing in between to state that Emir is older 2 years than Danny. Last time, we (both mummy) could felt the difference - that time, Emir was too "old" for Danny, but now not anymore.

Last time, both of you would ended up arguing - as usual, Emir would cry, but as the time goes by, we hardly heard any argument (ok, tipu, ada but both of you managed it very well, no more Ibu or Mummy to calm any of you)..

Last time, Danny used to call you Abang Emir, but now, he just call you Emir.. no more Abang.. guess that he is now the same size as you Emir, Abang should be bigger and taller right :)

Whenever both of you started to play, Ibu and Mummy would just let the door wide open, so both of you can have two "playgrounds" at a time. 

I took these pictures today, 17 September 2012, both of you played together from 12pm until 8 pm, non-stop, itupun stop sebab Danny tertidur dekat our sofa..  

As a mummy, I hope that this relationship last forever, despite that Danny's mummy is considering to move somewhere in PJ real soon :(..


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