Friday, August 31, 2012

preparation of emir bday party

dear emir,
  i know i have been delaying to post on ur 6th birthday party. yes, this year  i hv organized 2 bday party for u.. one at ur school and another at kfc.. yes, kfc was ur choice..

both parties were fun, full of laughter but unfortunately at kfc, you were quite reluctant to cooperate.. i knw that time, it was my fault as well, cos didnt really restrict u on ur game time.. so, u only think about ur love for the game.. :-)

well, honestly this is not the full entry of ur bday party, most of the pictures are kept in papa's camera, u know la papa's camera, ibu has to connect one charger to another, convert the raw to jpg n honestly ibu has yet to find some time to sit n concentrate on this process.. ok , im talking about nearly two months pictures :-)

luckily the pictures here were taken from the tab.. n now we are at gerik, atok's kampong, n we are on our way to send cik yah to perlis.. this will be your first time there n my second time of my entire 30 years to perlis..

well it is not easy to type from the tab, but well, i hv to start somewhere kan..

n here were the goodie bags for ur school friends.. u helped me out to sort the chocs, small toy but see-lah ur eyes adalah focusing on the tv, so i hv to check again the goodie bag to ensure that everything was in order...

oh yes, we just prepared around 20 goodies only..

u see the cocopie? i bought it to be part of the goodies bag becauseee ibu nak masuk contest, but unfortunately ibu didnt win anything from the contest hehe..

ok love, i think i shall stop here.. nanti ibu update lagi ok... but i cant promise u when  hehe



Mama Zharfan said...

sweet entry ;)

Mummy Moon said...

Happy belated birthday to Emir. Is Emir Aug baby? My daughter is Aug baby

BabyBooned said...

kfc thats where i wanna be. hehe


mmg susah nak update blog thru ipad ke tab.. tetap selesa gun apc or netbook

Wansteddy Tales said...

samalah kita mira... xsangkut pn dgn cocopie. tp xrasa rugi, sbb join pn sikit je. tahu dah kalau pure lucky draw xperlu nk mengharap sngt huhu...


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