Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Winning entry: Marriott Putrajaya Contest

Ingat tak masa  i masuk Picture Perfect 10 Challenge Marriott Putrajaya. It was held in conjuction with Marriott's 10th Anniversary.

I hantar last minute, betul2 last minute.. buat pun last minute.. Sangat berterima kasih kepada line internet yang membenarkan i upload gambar dalam masa 2 minit untuk 5 minutes video. Else, I may be disqualified from the contest because I submitted at 11.49pm on the last due date. Hehe.

I got to know about this contest agak lambat jugak.. towards the end, but I didn’t have time to drive myself to Putrajaya earlier. End up, I ate our time during our journey to Cameron Highlands, gambar pun not really in good quality.. ..

But anyhow, despite all the hiccups, of course I am hoping to win the grand prize – which is 2 flight tickets to Osaka, and seriously I was eyeing for it..

But you know, always, I mean always, when we asked for it, it’s hard for you to get it especially when it comes to material J

End up, I am satisfied as a 2nd prize winner.

But – how many but daa ;p, I am truly happy because the grand prize winner is my dear FB’s friend, and she will be going there insyaAllah with her mother.. Dear Farlia, in case you are reading this humble blog, congratulations!! You deserve it!!


 Picture from

So, what’s up for my 2nd prize winner.. at first the organizer stated that the 2nd prize winner will receive 3 days 2 nights at Renaissance, KL, but they changed the stay at Renaissance, Kota Bharu. Kindly inform them that I don’t have any intention to go to KB at the moment, and you know-lah, kalau unplanned ni, kurang sikit.. KB dah lah jauh, I do take into account the transportation and what not expenses even though Mr. Husband is eager to go to KB.. J

So finally, the organizer agreed to change back to 3 days 2 nights at Renaissance KL.. I tak kisah duduk hotel dekat KL.. janji cuti-cuti .. plus its F.O.C…  

Lagi satu saje nak tambahkan koleksi menang hotel dekat KL ni :D


mama tisya said...

bestnye...dpt stay otel FOC...mira slalu menang adiah stay otel...tahniah

Nad @ MamaZN said...

congrats mira...
dok hotel free
dlm kl jugak pun takde hal ;)

Mama Zharfan said...

congrats!! besh sbb holiday FOC :)

ujie said...

alllaaaaa mira....kalo ko amik renaissance kb, ble aku jumpa ko n bwk ko jalan2 kt sana...hehehehe...anyway congrats my dear friend..

mama_umar_maryam said...

oh my...bestnyer..enjoy mira!!
slmt berpose


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