Saturday, July 21, 2012

Where to eat: Restoren Barada Bandar Tun Hussein Onn

You know, having to be part of my other's half for 7 years, one of the thing that i have to adapt is - unplanned event. you know, before this, i considered myself as a planner in the family. well not too obvious since i was not considered as an adult at that time, but being me, i sort of like having this panic mode, and consequence to this, I tend to forget things :) so that is why i love to plan upfront.

So, it is not surprised anymore if let say we are already in Cameron today even though early in the morning, I am complaining in the blog dunno what to do during the weekend.

Oh, that so my Emran :)

anyway, it is not a complaint yer cik abang..

and so.. last week, nearly to 7pm on Sunday, mr. husband, while sitting on a comfort sofa at my mum's house, suddenly said

"jom makan dekat Barada, ajak semua orang, kite belanja"

the phone number is no longer valid - you may call this number 010-2916303 (Asaad) 

you see -- ajak semua orang.. not only I have to adapt, but so does my family hehehe..

Luckily both parents said YES especially mr. father, oh mum a bit reluctant (you know she loves home cook and would rather spend her time doing the house chores) but since all of us said

"alaa maa, minggu depan dah nak puasa, jom la pergi tempat emran melepak dengan kawan dia"

Mr. Brother no 2 decided not to go. orang nak kawin, sibuk nak buat keje..

Barada located at Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, behind Carrefour. This restaurant is belonged to a Malaysian, so the Arabic ambiance is injected with Malaysian culture :)

and since we arrived nearly to 9, Sister  No. 7 is half to bed.

and you know, part of aging process, and err can i say, with 7 siblings, I forgot to invite sister no 3  ;p luckily  when i called Mr. BIL at 8, he said OK...

Mr. Husband ordered Madghout rice and yes, I think I just love the juicy lamb. Not sure whether it was an oxtail or any other lamb's part, but seriously it was tenderly juicy.. :) The last time when I came here, the price was RM28, and it was in November 2011, but now the price is RM40, i supposed the portion is bigger? not too sure.. but whatever it is, sedap - not dry..

For Mr. father, we ordered Mint tea (RM10) per pot. Rest of us (apart from our parents), I forced my siblings to order normal drinks  - milo, ais lemon, honey tea and sewaktu dengannya, else if I didn't strict this rules, each of them would simply order segala mala juice, smoothies, which may end up nearly rm100. Ok, sebab dah pernah terkene kan.. tu yang jadi bising tu :p

and the two little munchkin were both in a good mood. Bila tengok gambar bawah ni, rasa macam Zubair ni abang  and Emir ni adik pulak.. Emir requested to eat ice cream, and proudly he ordered on his own.. dah besar dah anak bujang i ni.. 

gambar semua.. kalau ada Mr. Brother no 2.. lengkaplah gambar sekeluarga..

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