Sunday, July 29, 2012

Prize Giving Ceremony: Picture Perfect 10 @ Marriott Putrajaya

It was held last Friday. I mean on 20 July 2012.

Ronnie (the organizer) called and asked when would be the best time for us to have a small prize giving ceremony, so I suggested on Friday at 7pm. 

So, mulalah plan laki bini, nak ambik dekat mana, pukul berapa, plan punya plan, sekali Jumaat tu, hujan lebat selebatnya. Dah la lebat, lepas tu hari Jumaat, jalan super duper jam, at last, I decided we went separate ways, i pakai public transport, mr. Husband and adik-adik I naik kereta.

And so.. that was my first experienced naik ERL. FYI, the fare from KL sentral to Putrajaya is RM9.90 one way, not bad. Quite fast, it took me about 30 minutes to reach there. (putrajaya sentral)

Arrived at Putrajaya Sentral, from there I had no choice but to take public cab. Ok, again FYI, you have to purchase the coupon, and i was shocked, i mean seriously surprised that the taxi fare was RM19.90. Masa tu i tak dak idea how far Putrajaya Sentral to Marriott would be, but RM19.90 for a ride around Putrajaya saja, tak ke mahal. Sempat lagi i tanye cashier tu awat mahai benor, dia kate, dah memang harge macam tu. Well anyway, i still think it is expensive don't you.

and I managed to reach Putrajaya around 5 minutes before 7, meaning to say,I naik cab dalam maksimum 10 -15 minutes je.

Ok fine, at least i safely arrived at Marriott :) the most important, before the agreed time :)..

and Victor (other winners) was already there with his children and of course Ronnie :)

The ceremony was simple, less is more.. i suke.. the prize was presented by Marriott's GM. Thank God, luckily I arrived on time, else, I wasted or err irritated other people's time. That was the reason, why I was alone in the picture.

Grand prize: Farlia.. lucky her, she won 2 tickets to Osaka. She is going with her mother after Raya. Enjoy the trip dear, lucky you.  oh yes, she is a mother of two.. still cun ok..

 Yours truly: Second prize winner:- 3 days 2 nights at Renaissance Hotel KL + breakfast

Third prize winner: Victor Wong:- 2 days 1 night at Marriott Putrajaya. He is truly hardcore comper, banyak menang best-best. Had a great opportunity to chat with him, this September he is flying off to LA, he won the Astro contest.

Mr. Husband and the bala tentera arrived at 8pm. Phew selamat I tak ikut. Just ambik gambar depan Zest Restaurant je. Anyway, ,this picture was taken after we had our dinner pun.. 

and Emir suggested to snap a picture here. 

 dan lagi... dan lagi.. (walaupun he was not looking at the camera)

ambik hari raya mood..

Alhamdulillah, bersyukur ke atas rezeki yang dikurniakan.


Mama Zharfan said...

congrats babe!!

Ezna said...

Congrats 2u Mira!!!!

mama amana said...

dah besar emir & handsome!!


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