Friday, June 01, 2012

Off to berjalan...

yes, this is seriously unplanned trip :).. 

our last visit in 2009

well,  my hubby just love it and err I have no choice but to follow heheheh..

and so.. it is peak season...

and today during lunch hour, i spent 30 minutes to call few hotels at Cameron Highlands.. 

and the best part.. shall i say.. as expected..



I found one.. couldnt remember which hotel, but the only room left will cost us RM320 per night.. and they only allow us for one night stay.. hmm..

But above all, we will definitely go with our plan..

Emir just love strawberries, and we already promised him to visit the strawberry farm for quite some time.

So, if you find one happy family hitting the headlines sleeping ikut suke hati, most probably it will be us.. hehehehe..

No lah, im sure we will find one, budget hotel pun ok.. as long as it is comfortable and ade internet, we are fine..

Did i tell you we had one experienced where we arrived at Cameron Highlands around 1am with no hotel booking --- again... and all hotels were fully booked..

ish ish ish.. but luckily, we met one Indian man who was at that time lepaking with his friends, and we just asked him to suggest any hotel nearby, but he said -- "saya ada apartment dekat Tanah Rata, ok tak?" 

i know i know, luck sometimes doesn't come twice.. 

and you know you know..

for myself , I cant wait untuk balun udang goreng tepung, mushroom, sotong dekat pasar malam Brinchang.. i suke u :p

doakan kami selamat dalam perjalanan..


Nad @ MamaZN said...

wa..bestnye emir nak naik CH!
selamat bercuti!
moga selamat pegi dan kembali :)

intanloveamir said...

selamat bercuti....last month intan pegi CH dh xbrp nk sejuk mcm dulu2...;))

Nini D.. said...

selamat semuanya kak!


wah semau pakat2 berjalan jeles nie

Jojoe said...

i can imagine tengah super-peak season ni.. mendaki naik bukit tu mmg jem jem jem...

airin diana said...

Yes, mushroom goreng tepung..yummy! have fun mira! and do drive safely :)

anyway, feel free to visit my blog for a humble first give away :)

Mummy Moon said...

Hope you able to find a good accomodation!


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