Wednesday, June 06, 2012

and oh... before heading to Cameron Highlands

I forced, I persuaded, I begged Mr. husband to drive me to Marriott Putrajaya

not only that, I pujuk manja sayang suruh jadi my official photographer..

and it works ;p - aler dah 7 tahun kawin, kalau tak pandai pujuk tak tau la kan.. 

ok, we didn't go for a vacation, my aim was to complete Picture Perfect 10 Contest organised by Marriott in conjunction with their 10th Anniversary. and the winner will walk away with 2 tickets to Osaka, Japan.. phew..

and I have 33.33% chances to win the tickets since they are only 3 participants.. :D

nak menang tu susah lah kan, but at least at least.. i hope dapat lah voucher duduk hotel dalam Malaysia, kalau menang rezeki untuk orang yang 7 tahun kawin ;d

anyway, kalau rajin boleh LIKE here..



ila tak boleh nak like.. nanti tag ila kat fb buleh tak?

Mak Wardah said...

Salam kenal...enjoy your trip...take care


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