Monday, April 09, 2012

what happen to me...

ok first of all,  it is extremely difficult to type using touch screen but since i hv nothing to do rite now, so i give it a go to jot this down. so pls excuse my typo error or shortform ya :-)

im not too sure when it started, but the last meal i had was laksa johor @ Klcc during my lunch hour. nothing was wrong with the food, it tasted good, very  savoury n to top it all, one of my friend ordered the same too except that being me, i finished the laksa until the last bite.

after lunch, i felt a bit dizzy but i managed to kill the time until 6pm, luckily my email was having a technical problem so i decided to go back quite early on that day hoping that i would continue the next day.

well ladies, it didnt happened that way.

my so call nightmare had just begun

in the car husband asked what i wanted to have for dinner, so i opted for quickbites again at publika. i refused to dine there as i had my headache, so take away je lah..

after performing my maghrib prayer, i really had a terrible headache. i lied down. but gradually, i started shivering, so i covered myself  with a blanket all night long, without aircon or fan.

around 10pm, this was where i became the toilet frequent visitor. seriously, every 10 to 15 minutes i had to rush myself to the toilet.

subsequent to that, i ws really really tired and weak, n i sendiri tak sedar bile i tido.

but when i terjage, i saw emir walking around n around, he looks sleepy but dunno what to do. so i put him on bed n immediately he was asleep. sabar jelah.. i glanced to the clock n gosh it was already 1.30 am in the morning!!! emir baru tido n esok sekolah grrrrr..

ok out of topic..

immediately after that, my body clock brought me to the toilet again..

n i vomitted!! there goes my laksa..

lepas tu sakit perut, lepas tu muntah balik, lepas tu sakit perut balik, muntah..

when the cycle had a break for a while, i knw i hd to consume something. drink n eat. so i had half of my quickbites sandwich, but not long after that, i muntah balik.....
i hd a sleepless night, i started to worry cos i hd a lot of important meetings scheduled on wednesday n i was very sure i hd to be on MC..

at 7am on wednesday, i was panicked. i didnt knw wat to do, i knw if i proceed to go to work, i couldnt focus n i just torturing myself, but if i didnt go, i dunno knw lah, wat my boss would say...

but at once, u need to take care of urself first, so i chose to be on MC that day.

went to see the doctor n hd my two days MC.. ok it was not fun.

i was on the phone until 11am just to pass my job to my colleagus, pity her. sorry....

i spent the whole afternnon paying off my night sleep :). tried to eat n drink, tapi muntah balik, so i malas mkn..

woke up but the cycle continues. stress ok..

the feeling didnt get any better on thursday. i hd no appetite to eat. watery stool became worsen, but at least i didnt vomit on the next day.

honestly i was tired, tidur tak cukup sbb pergi toilet je.. ur body weak, nothing goes in but banyaknyer coming out.

friday, mc expired.. time to go to work.. i knw i was not fit at all, but hey 2 days mc mcm overlah kan, ni 3 days??

asked hubby to send me straight to klcc but the traffic was bad (as always) so he drop me off at lrt bangsar.. my tummy was drumming! stress cos nobody offer me a seat (on the good side, even though im overweight but at least i didnt look im pregnant :-)

upon reaching klcc, i decided to go straight to twin towers 'medical centre. after registration, i went to the toilet again n again, even when my number was called, i was in the toilet :-) ..

the doctor checked my eyes, one simple word from the doctor..

"eh, u dh dehydrate ni, i hv to admit u"

i knw it..

thereafter, i dropped by at the office, settled few things, n later, hubby drove to ampang puteri.

the funny thing was, before being dripped, i requested to go to the toilet as many as ican but it didnt work as it didnt seem to stop..

lagi stress, bawak bende alah tu dgn masuk toilet lagi..

i requested not to be admitted, but permintaan tak dilayan..

seriously, lg stress duduk hospital.. u feel more sick..

on saturday, i was getting better, so the doctor told me i bole discharged the next day.. happy ok!


on sunday night (sabtu mlm ahad), i hd sleepless night again. i woke up at 3am n the same cycle continues... at 5, i requested for prescription sbb dh penat pergi toilet..

the next day, doctor said i hd to extend my visit at this hotel for another day..


here i am on monday, stilll waiting for the blood test result..

alhamdulillah for now, im getting better not 100% but at least i get back my appetite. except now i hd terrible coughing pulak..

seriously i want to be at home....

and yes i want to get rid off this needle on my hand


Mama Zharfan said...

semoga mira cepat sembuh..amiin


moga cepat sembuh mira.. u keracunan ye?

ana-kirana said...

hope cepat sehat ..take care!kalau ada kesempatan minum air kelapa muda ..

Nad @ MamaZakwan said...

sebab laksa tu ke?
truk sgt tu kalu dah asek ulangalik toilet utk beberapa hari...

Liza Othman said...

mira, semoga cepat sembuh. teruk dehydrate dah tu..

mama_umar_maryam said...

keracunan ye dah discaj kan,huhu,next time kene hati2 nk bli laksa ;)

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

Keracunan u ni teruk sangat mira. Makan apa eh sampai teruk gini?


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