Thursday, April 26, 2012

A measure to show the Middle East population in Malaysia

Well, firstly I have nothing against them seriously.

Even, my husband , giving him an option, he loves Arabian cuisine, and lucky him, the nearest Arabian restaurant is just in our condo area.. Yes peeps, our condo's restaurant is owned by Iranian.

So, when we had our dinner yesterday, while waiting for our food, Emir gave me this magazine to read..

and yes, I was surprised that this magazine is published for Arabic readers, and it is published in Malaysia..

I know they are almost everywhere in Malaysia. the reason being was, most of them have the intention to reside in European countries, States, Canada or Australia, but in order for them to do that, the requirement of the visa of those countries - they must be domiciled in another country for few years before they can actually stays in those countries. Oh in case you are wondering, my ex neighbour was an Iranian family. The wife is very nice, once a while she would let us taste her Iranian cooking.. but unfortunately after the incident where her daughter has been robbed at Komuter station ( see I told you, our KTM services / facilities is seriously needs to be highlighted, bukan Shapie Afdal kes je :p), she decided to move somewhere near to her daughter's school.

Anyway, i dont mind the immigrants choose Malaysia, but when there are cases where they robbed, kidnap and KILL others.. thats the reason Malaysian sometimes has  a different perception..

Till then


Mama Zharfan said...

bila baca blog mazidul, i jd sgt benci+takut dgn nigerians..memang tak semua jahat, tapi mcm ramaiii yg jahat...

Nini D.. said...

yup...agree with kak mira!

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

I takut dengan negro negro ni. Kat IOI Puchong ramaiiiii u. Kat Bandar Puteri Puchong siap ada 1 restoran negro ni. Kalau tak ramai population dier, nak ke dia bukak restoran kat situ??? Lagiii i ada nampak sorang negro ni tengah mengayat 2 perempuan melayu kat McD IOI Mall....Takut pulak i tengok....

mama_umar_maryam said...

environment my uni college mmg 70% dipenuhi oleh bdk2 arab,iran dan lain2 tu african dan lain2..btollah x sumer yg jahat,tp klu diorg buat jahat tu mmg rase diorg menyebok je kt sini..luckily my colleague mmg baik,suke bwk mknn wife die masak,gile sedap,hahaha


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