Saturday, March 24, 2012

My first winning from my drawing..

ok.. sungguh.. sungguh la tak sangke.. 

i know nothing about drawing and I am a proud owner of 'tangan yang keras'..

but because of contest, try-lah melukis.. and yes, I don't even care whether i win or not.. cos I know i will not win with my drawing.. tengok orang lain punye drawing.. pergh!!

sekali... dapat lah sangkut jugak walaupun hanya appreciation gift from Kenny Roagers, sebab rupenyer tak semua nyer yang dapat.. btw, the contest requires you to doodle based on the theme given.. but honestly, i thought when we talk about doodle, it just sketches? tak boleh color-color kan, sebab tu i tak color, kalau i tau boleh color, i color jugak tu :D


anyway, seronok jugak melukis ni sebenarnyer. The contest is still on dekat sini and this week theme.. Little lamb is the superstar.. see how i rajin ke tak..


Jojoe said...

cute la :D

Mama Zharfan said...

cun ajer i tgk..i pandai lukis org lidi ajer ahhaha

YaYaNsMuM a.k.a YM said...

wahh...rajinnyer join...:)

Nad @ MamaZakwan said...

shaun the sheep ke timmy time? hehehe
btw, congrats mira! :)

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

familiar sangat sheep tu....timmy time eh? Hehehe...janji sheep kan...


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