Thursday, December 22, 2011

A year story: 2011 penuh cabaran..

Well, I guess after this akan ramai bercerite tentang new year resolution masing-masing.. Jadi sebelum cerite macam ni jadi basi.. ye lah, when most of us post about the same thing, it has a tendency that our entry will be ignored.. 

Ok, gone the case where I said I wanted to diet.. and gone the case where i said I wanted a baby. personally yes, these two will always be my ongoing resolution, but again, diet must go with exercise and baby must go with rezeki. To that, I rest my case to the Almighty, except that for diet, I know it is up to me..

Full stop.

Personally, 2011 is the most colorful year in my life to date. I started the new year with a boom boom bang, too much of wassapp babe. 

This is the story to be shared.. perhaps lesson learnt for all of us. 

ok.. *tarik nafass.... *turun nafas... *tarik nafas... *turun nafas...



I tendered my resignation with my previous company. Honestly, that Company wasn't meant for my lifestyle. Yes, I know we have to work, but again.. when I had to pay my work with all 24 hours stressful life, I dont think it was worth for me and for my family. 

With all the determination, i tendered my resignation without the permission of my husband, and my husband no nothing about my resignation despite that I had to served 3 months notice. Dont ask me how I managed to hide all this drama. Oh, I tendered my resignation in October 2010.

From October 2010, I'm telling you.. I cari keje macam nak giler... I never missed to buy The Star, submitted my online application - Jobstreet. JobsDB, you name it.. but seriously NO Company was interested with my resume. Orang kate bile buat dosa besar itu lah balasannya.

But at the end of December 2010, someone has offered me a job, in a small medium firm company. A HR consulting Company and I was so happy even though it was a pay cut in my salary. Almost 30%. But at least, in my opinion, kalau cakap dengan hubby kate dah berenti keje and dah ade secured work, i think he would be ok kot.. I think.. :)

and one week before my last day at the previous Company, I revealed the secret. It was a long silence. I know he was frustrated, but damaged has been done. I told him i would start a new work in February.. He was ok, tak marah tak ade ape...


Guess what happened. Something that I never know would happen to me. That person who landed me a job told me that she had to postpone my joining date to a later date. I kept following up on my offer letter but unfortunately she delayed. 

Each time I SMS her, I would receive the same answer.. "nanti i will call you tomorrow" and this has been repeated so many times until I got fed up.  I had no experience at all in HR, and this person knew about this from the first day she met me, and in March she called me and telling me "I have just reviewed your resume and found out that u dont have HR background".. Tuhan je tau mase tu hati I macam mane.. parah.. maybe she was never be in my situation where i desperately need a job.. so she can just play around with other people's future.. 


My birthday month. As a career woman for five good years, of course I have my own commitment, of course I do have debts here and there.. and my saving was running low.. and running low.. 

I was still unemployed.

But NEVER in my life I regretted resigning from my previous Company and honestly I enjoyed being a housewife. Seriously... Orang kate boring duduk rumah, but i tak pernah rasa boring pun.. I tak pernah rasa hidup i tenang macam tu, cume tak tenang bile pikir bab financial la.. I am happy with what I have.

My relationship with hubby, enough say, it was not a smooth sailing.. 


Oh lupe pulak, from January, actually, I started doing Am*way.. you know, when someone in my situation, you can just be a person you never know you can be. I did my Am*way in my own way. I concentrate on selling rather than hiring people. Macam-macam I buat, I work closely with the Internet, and managed to gain at least few hundreds buck per month. banyak tu for just selling Am*way products.

But one thing no one never know, even my husband.. hubby pun tak tau lagi ni.. i lalui door to door selling, seriously.. door to door.. malu pun ade, segan pun ade... biaselah kalau door to door selling orang selalu pandang rendah kan.. biase kene mase tu.. sedih tok sah cakap lah.. ade orang kasar, ade orang layan kite dengan baik.. macam-macam lagi.. but dari situ jugak lah i still have few customers continuously buying from me especially the deodorant.. :)

to be continued .. :)


Mama Zharfan said...

me speechless...and awaitng ur next entry..

Ummi Dania Yasmine said... n3 pls...

ashra said...

terkedu jap baca dgn khusyuknya..
tatau pun mira jadik temp housewife masa tu..

papepun,u mmg seorang yang tabah dan cekal hatinya.

berdebar laks tunggu next entry..

Cute Mum said...

memang banyak dugaan kan..
uyun pon pernah lalui saat macam nie.. cuma situasi lain sikit..
kami pernah hidup senang suatu masa dulu dengan bisnes macam tue..
pastu silap leader, kami terpaksa stop dan salah kami jugak tak menyimpan dari awal..
so sekarang me terpaksa working semula dengan keadaan yang tertekan setiap hari..
sebab tue kami terpaksa juga cari side income untuk cover balik semua..

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

MIRA U BUAT I NANGES TAU...............mira i really want to hug u...huhu


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