Sunday, December 04, 2011

Jake and The Neverland Pirates Party


The venue for this event was just 5 minutes away from our house, which was held at Marmalade, Publika Solaris. Publika is a newly opened shopping mall at Solaris / Mont Kiara. Well, not really a shopping mall, but it just that the developer is so smart by combining all the shop houses under one roof and just called it as Publika :). 

The event started at 9.45, and we arrived around 9.50, but we were lost to find our way to Marmalade. Actually this Marmalade is not inside Publika, it is located around / outside Publika. The best landmark, it is situated above MPH.


Ok, funny, both hubby and  I hold a camera, ok i thought he took any picture during the registration, tak de rupenye dalam card dia.. so no picture during registration. :) Of course, Sophia was there as a host for this event.


The first event for today was the photo competition. The kids must pose as much as they can to look like a pirate, and this is Emir's best picture in our camera. Unfortunately, Emir didn't win, but it's ok.. :) The winners deserved to win.. Izzah - Kak Ros's daughter, Adam - Shila's son and Azzamaro's son were among the winners. If I am not mistaken, Adam won the third place and Azzamarro's son won the first prize.


We had to gather outside Marmalade for the treasure hunt instruction by Sophia. 

Each family was given a treasure chest as well as clue to unlock the treasure. You see-lah Emir, concentrate reading the instruction.. i mean reading only :D 

We had to search for 5 treasure coins around the area, not really a treasure lah cos everyone moved at the same time and the coins were soo easy to find except that the fifth coin was a bit harder as it was hiding under the flower. Best of all, the treasure hunt took no longer than 10 minutes.. :) Betul-betul accommodate preschool children activity. Actually kalau budak-budak buat ok jer, ni jadi 10 minit sebab mak pak pun samaa naik :D

We let Emir to collect all the treasure coins while I was the one who  giving the instruction to Emir and hubby was busy taking the pictures. Below picture showed Emir was running towards the finishing line.

and Emir won the third place :)

Ibu Emir and Emir with the treasure chest that Emir recently owned :). Oh by the way, understand from Sophia that the decoration for the party was manually made by the team. Kudos to them, the party is really Jake's party. :) Sophia told me that actually the treasure hunt could be harder if it was not accidentally removed by the cleaner.. takpelah, as long as we had  fun should be ok...

We ended the session with the group photo. I just realized that this time I didnt take any picture with any bloggers haha.. Lupe bangat, luckily this group photo saved the day!!


Next, we gathered to watch Jake's new episodes which will be aired on Disney Junior soon. Emir as usual sitting at the front line and he was there tak bergerak-gerak until the end of the show. 

Actually, at the end of the show, only few children quietly watching Jake's episode. I understand kalau yang kecik-kecik mane lah nak duduk diam-diam lame2 kan.. Those who stayed were only grownup kids .. 


err the highlight of the day for Emir's parents hehehe.. Again, the food adalah sangat attractive..



Up until today, Marmalade hasn't disappoint us.. :)

The best part, for the leftover foods we are allowed to ......

yes baby... boleh TAPAU :)


Actually, we have more than this.. but it was inside the car.. malas nak ambik.. :) 

End this entry with...

A picture of one happy family..



mama tisya said...

bestnye dpt p event camni... oh nmpk tiramisu die pn decorate pirate.. best siap leh tapau ye

Mama Zharfan said...

beshnya!!!! :)


nampak mcm best sangat event ne...

Ros Ibrahim said...

best kan.. belum write my entry ;D

BabyBooned said...

Ooh so much fun! Ok my fave part is the fact tht boleh tapau!

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

Nice event la...unfortunately I x dpt invitation...too bad....:-(

Cute Mum said...

tapi kami belum rajin lagi nak join event.. huhu..

♥ aNJe a.k.a MaMa_Balqis ♥ said...

wah bestnya, kita tak sempat nak reply email ari tu terus dah penuh untuk 15 family

mama_umar_maryam said...

i tarik napas pjg2 duluuuuuu..
beshnyeeee!!!! tq mira 4 sharing the stories ..(sambil lap airmate sbb terpakse kasik invi kt org lain)


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