Saturday, December 10, 2011

Emir's 5 years old concert - Part 1

Emir's concert was held 2 months back at Megakids, Mid Valley and yes, I only had a chance to update it now after 2 months. Even for this entry, I dont have a complete set of his pictures. So, let me go with whatever I have now, else the pictures are gone between hubby's countless memory cards..

The theme for this year was err 1 Malaysia I guess (sudah lupe :)), and this was the first concert we experienced outside the school compound.

Emir's picture with his friends, comelkan, can you spot Emir?

Anyway, below picture is Ariffah and me, Ariffah's husband is my husband's colleague (lecturer jugak), but I know Ariffah from my cousin, Ani when she further her master in UK while Ariffah accompanied her hubby for PhD.. Oh yes, there, Ariffah worked with PwC UK, kagum tak? I kagum sebab I think it is not that easy for a lady with hijab secured an employment at the world's big city and at one of the Big Four.. Anyway, isn't our relationship sounds complicated hehe.. When she returned back to KL, I recommended her to send her son at Emir's place..

Before the event started, got video presentation. you know, I felt very touched to watch that video. ye lah, as a parent, we do not know what happen to our kids when we are not around... how they mix around with their peers, how they make friends and what not.. and after sending Emir there for nearly 5 years, of course, I really appreciate whatever the teachers have thought and taking a good care of Emir..

Our pictures pun ade during the video presentation and these pictures were taken during Father's Day and Mother's Day. Dah la mase video ni pasang lagu sloww, rase terharu ok..

And this was Emir's first performance. Emir's school is synonym for Letterland's activities. Letterland is one of the method to learn how to read and write.. If you can remember, during our time, we learnt from Peter and Jane or Enid Blyton's but nowadays we have few in the markets, one of the most popular is Scholastic.

This year, Emir participated in few performances, dia dah besar kan, so chances cikgu2 nak mengajor pun senang :) will update more for Emir's records once I retrieved the pictures from Mr. Hubby.


Mama Zharfan said...

i faham apa yg u rasa...sbb i pun mcm tu masa tgk my zharfan perform on his graduation day ;)

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

hmmmmm...i tak tahu nak komen apa...apsal i touching lenih2 baca entri u ni...i jadi emo lak hahahaha

BabyBooned said...

Tu la kita ni senang sebak kan kalau pikir pasal how fast our kids r growing....

a wife, mother and an employee said...

Oh oh am makin membesar haha. Anyway glad to meet you there, that's our first meeting kan? Shud jumpa2 lg next time, dgn cik Yani too :)

Mira, boleh bg hp no lg sekali tak sbb asrar reset my hp, no backup made so data semua hilang

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

ohhh...rasa nak nangis tengok my dania masa convo...i faham....ohhh bukan nak nangis...i nangis ok...hehehe


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