Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lagu Pe*nakut ditarik balik.. my view..

Some of you may be aware that Y*una’s song Pen*akut has been retracted as the best song during AIM recently. As far as I can remember, never such event happened in Malaysia. And the most news that attracted my eyes of cos-lah when it came to my knowledge that E*rn*st & Y*o*ung was the auditor. Gosh!!

Having to  work with E*rn*st & Y*o*ung for quite some time and having to know who was the Partner in charge (one of the few Malay partners sape tak kenal kan), seriously I was in shocked. Well, enough said human error in this case is not acceptable at all. Yes, I agree, in consulting or auditing, human error is normal and always happened, but adoii made a mistake for a live telecast is seriously jumping to a pool of fire. I read one of the article saying that the reason being was E*rn*st & Y*o*ung was erroneously misinterpreted the best song where the best song should be selected among the best song in each category and not based on the highest mark by the judges. 

Again, being in E*rn*st & Y*o*ung, I seriously know how do the things work. Usually the staff will prepare the ground work, and the work will pass to the senior in charge for thorough review, thereafter  to the manager for verification and if the document is very much important document (which in this AIM case, I classified as important), it then will go through the partner in charge for his concurrence, then only we will send the document / our report to our client. Of course, we will put the disclaimer saying tha the final says should still rely on client’s decision. But again, I understand from client point of view that you know, E*rn*st & Y*o*ung being the one of the big 4 accounting company not in Malaysia but in the world, selalunyer client akan okkkk je :).

So when I read one statement made by the partner saying that “kerana pekerja yang tidak berpengalaman”, I am totally disagreed because everyone should take in charge for this, from staff level up to the partner level since everyone has their own responsibility in auditing the account.

Untuk I, memang tarnish E*rn*st & Y*o*ung’s reputation, but again I am not too sure what happened internally, but one thing that I respect, E*rn*st & Y*o*ung faced this professionally, dah buat salah mengaku and cuba betulkan keadaan, orang tua kate memang pahit nak ditelan. Tapi seriously I dapat bayangkan macam mane, dari staff sampai manager kene boom ke deboom punye, sebab partner jugalah yang dapat malu, nama partner jugaklah yang terpampang dekat blog-blog hiburan… ade kite tau sape the rest of the team? Takde kan..

Phew.. yes, it is hard to be in consulting line.. salah advise memang habis.. orang bukan tau berape lame kite dah bersengkang mata mengadap keje kite.. all clients want to know is the final result and treat them as the only client in our list.. Alhamdulillah, now I am already in commercial, the risk is still there.. totally two different world, still advising but only concentrate on one.. the best part no more timesheet!!


ashra said...

sampai cenggitu skali ye mira.
tatau nak komen pe,sbb tak faham sgt struktur kerja2 dalaman ni.

nasib baik lah yuna dan anuar zain professional lah jugakkan.

Mama Zharfan said...

memang tak patut kan...the damage is done--and is corrected pun..wpun tak leh baiki apa yg dh terjadi..

mama_umar_maryam said...

bygkan klu ct nurhaliza yg kene pulangkan award,hmmmm..

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

lagu tu mmg kiranya takdelah sedap...tapi i suke juga sikap salahkan org lain ...rsnya juri dier yang silap

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