Sunday, November 20, 2011


  1. nak update blog, sekali gambar tak boleh upload dekat office.. kesimpulannya, tak baik curi tulang :(
  2. nak update blog, sekali camera ade orang terambik i punye kabel lepas tu kate tak ingat... kesimpulannya, stress haha
  3. nak update blog, sekali tak de mase, kesimpulannya, tempat baru ni banyak gile keje..
  4. nak update blog, sekali kat rumah pun tak de internet.. pakai 3G mesti husband, semputnyer nak nunggu satu2..

Haha, sebab kalau boleh i memang tak berape gemar update blog bercerite saje, i want picture please.. 

Anyway, ade orang pergi GAP casting? Emran kate --- tak payah membazir je, belum tentu menang kan.. kene spend RM200, dah tu, winner is based on highest voting after they have selected the 25 children.. duhh... actually I memang frust dengan GAP ni, such a big name, but in terms of this arrangement, i think they are still left behind.. do they know, somehow those companies who organized this facebook's contest and the winner is based by highest voting, would actually end up facing negative comments from the fans??

well, another thing, last time, I participated in GAP contest, bukan last time, i mean last June, what we have to do - ambik gambar yang ade 1969 premium jeans and what not, it can be by just uploading GAP's ads or your own picture but the background must have 1969.. and on my part.. ok not my part, on our part - emran, me and emir, we did some extra miles to get a good picture..

and you, they promised the prize would be 2 tickets to San Francisco!!

Mau tak gempak????

I dont mind if I didn't win, banyak lagi gambar lain, but seriously such a reputable company like GAP, they still haven't announce the winner.. i sendiri dah  few times asking them..

and hey... i tinggal tunggu ade mase je nak lodge a complaint dekat GAP HQ.. see how do they respond.. sebab to me GAP Malaysia punye management is errr.. cakap tak serupa bikin..

p/s marahnyerrrr hahahah ... bukan marah, geram.. i know, kalau dok complaint2 ni name i sure tak de punye as a winner nanti (kalau announce la kan), but hey, lagi puas dari tak announce langsung..


Mama Zharfan said...

memang i nampak promo gap casting tu masa pegi 1u :) emir join yer? good luck tau :)

i hate voting2 contest heheheh

Em's Family said...

suzie: i didnt join.. buang duit :)


dah penat2 join tak announce winner.. tak patut betul

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