Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aladdin The Musical - The Show

As announced earlier, I won two tickets to attend Aladdin The Musical @ Sunway Lagoon. We have to be there around 7pm so I made an extra effort by just utilising only less than an hour of lunch instead of two hours to kill my time.. so i could go back around 4++. Thank God, the big boss was away for training, else I won't be able to be on time.

Arrived in Sunway Lagoon around 6.30pm. I biaselah akan ajak makan dulu, but hubby said, better looked for the tickets first. Luckily he was right, udahlah there was no signboard around, we lost just to get ourselves to Sunway Lagoon Ampitheatre. Dah sampai, couldnt find the allmalaysiainfo ticket counter. But one kind lady told us that we have to collect at Sunway Lagoon main entrance which was 5-7 minutes of walking. :)

By the time we collected our tickets, time was already 7.05 pm and as usual I would ensure that Emir's tummy is full, kalau tak, susah dia nak concentrate..And we must be there by 7.45pm.. Gilos.. nak makan nak solat lagi kan.. So, we decided to have our dinner at Sunway Pyramid (mane lagi lah kan) and performed our Maghrib there.. tong teng tong teng, jam dah pukul 8.10pm, gasak janji semua settle.. :)

By the time we reached there, it was already a long queue.. bagus!! at least i know the show havent started yet.. but aiyaa thing that i didn't know..we have to wait for the VIPs.. yelah, from the entrance to the Ampitheatre, buggy will give us a ride.. and you know-lah, VIP Malaysia, timing adak larik sikit.. pity those kids..Nak tunggu buggy satu hal jugak kan..orang ramai...

Ok, in case anyone is going, pleaseeeeee lah bring your own food or drinks.. I might say, they really take an advantage of us, imagine one bottle of mineral water cost us RM5!! popcorn pun RM5.. popcorn biase tu.. I had no choice but to buy the mineral water.. and oh, seriously, the security was a bit loose.. not sure whether this was due to Gala Premier but to be honest, i can just bring along anyone and they wont notice it.. bag pun tak check.. so bawak lah makanan or minuman sendiri dari beli.. to me mahal takpe, tapi ni mahal tak berbaloi.. :)

seriously, i dok meng-complaint je before the show started.. i rase sebab today is the first show, so agak kelam kabut here and there... BUTTTTTTTT once the show started....... goodness senyap terus mulut i ok.....

It is a world class performing art and seriously is. Everyone enjoying the show till the end and honestly, i didn't hear any kids were crying. At first, I thought Emir was not interested, but when the show started, his eyes were glued to the stage. Sunway Lagoon being the Asia Best Attraction proof that the Amphitheatre is ready for any world class performing art.

Of course, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine are the main lead but audience were more interested to the Genie. hehe. tak boring langsung, they really play with the time span for each scene.. and the best part, i love the props!! and props sentiasa tukar-tukar. It makes you ask yourselfwhat will happen next.

Based on Mr Aaron, Partner of Sunway Lagoon (if Im not mistaken), he said that this is the first 3D performing art in Malaysia. ade Flying Carpet, Flying Fox, some sort of digital presentation and .. pendek kate memang best!!!

The show ends after 1.5 hours not inclusive of 15 minutes break. sungguh i tak rase mase berlalu dengan cepat.. at the end of the show, ade bubbles keluar merata-rata tempat, actually gambar kat bawah ni, gambar Emir tengah kejar all the bubbles, tak sure macam mane gambar boleh jadi statik macam ni.. (tanya papa Emir )..

Since we were the first audience, at the end of the show, the production allowed us to take the pictures with the casts. So, suruh je lah Emir naik, mak dia, bukan tak nak, but they gave the privileges to the kids first.. By the time, time adult naik, ntah macam mane, tak sempat, so they closed the session quickly... takpe im ok hehehe

Below picture, on the most right is Princess Jasmine, and next to her, hiding behind this specky little boy, is the Aladdin.. 

and yes, I managed to snap a picture with our newly crowned Miss Universe 2012 , Kimberly Legett.. TINGGIIIIIIIIIII giler!!!! oh yes, you are right, I am twice of her...:D 

This show will be held from 25 November until 2 January. Price of the tickets are as below...

Ticket Price
Red Zone
Blue Zone
Yellow Zone

But if you are the Maybank cardholder, you are entitled for 40% off.. Not sure whether applies to both ATM card and credit card or only credit card.

Just now, i was in Blue Zone.. so my tickets worth RM400 :)

and KUDOS to the team..


mama rifQy said...

Haisshh tinggi nye model tuh kak !!!!!

and macam biase..emir mmg hensem!!

juelee said...

jue pun pegi gak smlm.. ades tak jumpe lak awak ye... hikhikhik...

tapi mmg lambat sangat nak nunggu startnye.. adesssss...

bila dah stat siyes berbaloi2 lak menungguuu.. best sangattttt

Em's Family said...

Mama Rifqy: bukan setakat tinggi, kak mira pun pendek sangat hehehe

Juelee: is it?????? best kan.. rase kalau tengok lagi sekali pun kak mira tak kisah ;)_

Em's Family said...
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mama tisya said...

tiket bole tahan mhl...lebih kurang mcm tgk peter pan musical dlu la kot

Nini D.. said...

harga tiket...boleh juling bijik mata!!

BabyBooned said...

Mira, i nak buy tickets after reading ur review!! Your seats ok ye? I nak buy seats same zone as yours le mayb. Or what do u think?

mama_umar_maryam said...

ok.ok.puas hati..tibe2 i pon terdiam bile u stat terdiam bile show start,hahahah

ashra said...

best nyeee...
menarik... =)


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