Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jom Makan: Dondang Sayang @ Corus Hotel

This Buka Puasa was sponsored by the Company, so of course I am more than happy to attend especially when I got to know the price per person was RM85++.. mak aih.. don't you think that Hotel buffet is extremely unreasonable and expensive. Of course I understand they have a reason to justify the price but err.. for me, to spend RM85 per person for buka puasa is seriously hurting my pocket..

I thought Chef Dato' Ismail was around, but he was not there.. but I bet the food was his taste kot.. actually to get to KL from Ampang was not that bad, the heavy traffic was on opposite side, so I just took about 15 minutes to reach Corus Hotel. and yes, the parking is quite reasonable with RM6 per entry.. but the main reason this Hotel is popular because it is situated near to KLCC and 5 minutes walking to Putra KLCC Station.. err it is popular to me because errr Clark Warehouse Sale usually will be held here :p

So, i didnt snap pictures as u know la people are busy filling up their plate, me too.. actually i nearly forgot that I brought along my camera until-lah i heard these 3 ladies singing on top of my head.. yes readers, on top of my head.. I didnt notice there is a "stage" above me..

and of course the highlight for the food was the BBQ Lamb.. Starving people were more than willing to queue up to get a taste of this BBQ Lamb..  but unfortunately, err the lamb was not that excellent, and many of us turned off by the strong smell of the lamb huhu... 

Of course, they were varieties of food serving on the table and we just had to choose and stuffed ourselves. 

and these are my dessert hehehe.. very traditional kan.. hahaha.. ya laa what to do, i am a big fan of kuih koci.. and err i would rather reduce my cakes intake for my kuih koci :D

but honestly, dah namenyer puasa kan, berape banyak sangat lah yang  kite boleh makan.. i think ape yang i makan,  not even worth more than RM50 / RM40 :D


Mama Zharfan said...

teringin nak bukak puasa kat hotel, bit my pocket can't afford to pay :p mahal for me, unless company sponsored mcm u hehehe

Wansteddy Tales said...

Wah... beshnya! baru je tgk BBQ Lamb kat depan hotel area KLCC tadi.

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

kan mira...sebelum nak makan nafsu tu membuak2 ajer...tapi bila banyak sangat makanan depan mata...terus bingung nak makan apa heheheh


tahun ne takde kot upacara berbuka di hotel..tiap2 minggu penuh dgn ke umah mil,mak & friend.. even oips buat buka posa kat hotel pun hsbd tak mo.. sbb nak kejar anak2 dari umah pengasuh


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