Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gigi Emir.. - Taking care of kid's teeth

Now, I am starting to worry on Emir's teeth.. honestly I always ensure Emir brushes his teeth at least twice a day, but to tell you the truth, usually he only does it once a day. Most of the morning, he would be very cranky, and very hard to cooperate and ended up, he always skipped his morning brush. Yes, I can always force him and I know I can always used my veto power as a mother, but the problem is, every morning he only wants his father to bath him and you know la, my husband adalah sangat lah berlembut dengan anak nyer :) marah emir memang bile emir betul-betul patut kene marah, unlike his mother yang err err.. you know laa mother haha .. 

and you know why i started to worry

satu gigi dia dah start naik hitam.. waaaa...and he himself dah pandai worry.. bagus jugak!! because of this thing, Emir himself has taken extra precaution, no drinks (besides air masak), or no eating after night brush, pagi2 pun tak yah nak suruh .. I took this picture at his own request, to show to him how bad his tooth gonna be if he continues to escape his morning brush..

My SIL told me nothing to worry, lagipun gigi susu, lepas ni buang, and after gigi susu, barulah kene start betul2 worried kalau gigi hitam.. anyway, i browse the internet and found out that, usually kids toothpaste has no fluoride which actually not really good for the kids teeth. the reason why they didn't put the fluorida and switch it with "strawberry flavor" or etc.. is because the fluoride is little bit "hot" for them .. so what we should do is to mix at least a pea sized of our toothpaste with their kodomo lion (emir's favorite) or any kids toothpaste.. and of cos lah kene ensure all areas are covered by them.. like Emir he always forgot to cover "the middle-end" teeth.. (tengah2 tapi bukan tengah2) ok dunno wat to describe..

so how about you mothers? any tips to share..




Mama Zharfan said...

my zharfan's teeth plak, ada sebtg dh start goyang2, even all teeth semua elok pun--gigi susu kan :)

shu said...

I dont have tips mira, but i have the same problem, gigi imran teruk walaupun baru umo setahun lebey...uwaaaa. Susah nak brush his teeth then malam2 still nak minum susu :s

ashra said...

owhh..ok.sbb ubat gigi takder florida pun reasonnya ye.

aleesua ni baru dua tahun.kadang2 tu sesuka je telan time,better takder florida kan..

tak emir,nanti da tercabut gigi susu,leh jaga leklok lagi..

ujie said...

Aku x der masalah ngan berus gigi haris cos berus gigi is his favorite ketika mandi...3 kali mandi, 3 kali la nk berus gigi..cuma masalahnyer dia x pandai kumur..kalo kumur konpem telan air aku biar jek dia telan ubat gigi tu since toothpaste dia mention 'selamat utk ditelan (jenama mukmin) yes of cos la kena bg yg no flouride kan..for safety reason..caner nk ajar dia kumur ni..any tips?

mama_umar_maryam said...

ok,nk share,not so tip la tp nk share jugak,weekdays rasenye Umar mmg xgosok gigi pagi,beselah dgn atuk,umar ngamuk je atuk ikut ckp die,tp bile zt balik mandi ptg mmg zt beruskan btol2. maryam pon since dh kuar gigi mmg berus dah gigi far gigi budak2 ni ok,cume blm penah jmpe dentist lg,igt nk pay a visit jugak 1 day ;)..
and klu wekend mmg pagi,ptg complete gosok gigi


selalu bising suruh aman gosok gigi..sekarang dah mula faham kepentingan gosok gg

BabyBooned said...

kadang-kadang tu nasib jugak le mira. we brushed gibran's teeth 3 times a day tapi rosak gak gigi depan dia tu. his dentist said his teeth are just really thin, nothing can be done, just try our best when brushing, floss if we can.


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