Sunday, July 17, 2011

Emir's Birthday Present

actually this is an outdated story...

U know what happened? My beloved SD has corrupted, and yes, there goes all Emir's Birthday Party pictures, cake galore and all :( but yes, technology is something that you cannot put others to blame on. No matter how we tried our best to "protect" our pictures, but when the technology speaks for itself, i mean the way that we refused to accept the fact that things has corrupted, gone or watever, so just live with it. I know it is not that easy especially when we had recorded all the moments that perhaps can't never be returned twice,

but hey, sape suke suke nak rosakkan barang orang lain.. betul tak? orang tak betul jer berniat jahat or sabotaj nak hancurkan aset orang lain...Maybe you are at the wrong time when the "incident" happened, so you la yang mati-mati kene blame.. sedih tak? well, just a reminder for myself, kalau orang lain buat salah dekat kite, jangan simply nak judge orang tu balik... kebiasaannya orang tak sengaja.. try to "expand" your thinking and what brings that person ter-rosakkan barang kite..

Ok, melalut pulak..

Anyway, as a subject matter, this year we (husband and I) shared our gift for Emir.. Since I was the one who chose the present, being a mother, I am quite reluctant to give something that not related to child's development macam pistol ker, pedang ke or ape2 yang sewaktu dengannya..

Ape lagi, for more choices. Toys 'R' Us la senang... Luckily Emir decided to open his birthday gift few days after his birthday, kalau tak habislah ditelan SD card tu hehehe...

Actually he wanted to have a tri scooter -- ok betul ke orang panggil tri scooter (alaaa yang Elle Pocoyo dok main tu).. but thinking that our house ni dah overloaded dengan barang-barang, so I have to think something smaller..

and tadaaa. this is his birthday present.. Roller Skate by Thomas and Friends!!! and Alhamdulillah, Emir loves it to bits!!

and straight away he tried to skate, and I think being a kid, senang tu dia nak balance diri dia.. sekejap je he skates all over the house, but slowly, plus this skate memang child friendly and dedicated for beginner, so i think that is why it was quite easy for this little munchkin

and of cos, rasa puas bile tengok he is sooo happy!!!

Watch the video ya!! Ni mase baru first few sessions..


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

beshkan bila dapat beli barangan yang anak kita memang suke :)

BabyBooned said...

ooh he's good! bagusnya so cepat dia catch up! eh mira, ure giving me a great idea la on what to buy for gibran's bday ;D

Lelord said...

wahhh bestnya main roller skate

Mama Zharfan said...

as cute as ever :)

mama_umar_maryam said...

geng thomas!!

ashra said...

wah..besnye emir.auntie suka kalu dapat hadiah roller blade tau.teringat zaman kocik2 dulu..hehe

main leklok ye..hehe

Anonymous said...

bole tau brp rm ?


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