Friday, June 10, 2011

YOU'RE INVITED: The Magic Continues...New Disney Channel in Town!


Seriously, I don't care what age I am, but seeing the DISNEY word would forever keeps my excitement. Honestly it is a childhood dream to visit Disneyland, and Alhamdulillah I managed to fulfill one of this childhood dream at Disneyland Tokyo and thereafter Disneyland Aneheim...

So, of course receiving an invitation for special mom blogger of premiere screening Disney Junior is A MUST ACCEPT invitation from my end.. especially when Emir is the BIGGEST fan of Disney Junior..

This event was held at Marmalade, Bangsar Village 2 and the place has been decorated with catchy kids stuffs. Can I say it was like a Mini Mini Tiny Disneyland Playroom. Each Disney's Junior characters filled the room.

I wish my Emir was here.

Comelkan, dari pintu masuk sampailah ke name kite.. semua nyer Disney Junior's characters

Above picture was taken from Anje's blog


The presentation was done by Nancy Kanter who flew all the way from States. She is currently the Senior Vice President, Original Programming and General Manager for Disney Junior Worldwide. Again and again, I wish I would get a job like her, working towards the big smile for the children worldwide.

Disney Junior will be replacing Playhouse Disney this coming July targeting the children between 0 to 7 (2 to 7 - thanks Sophia!!) years old. From my point of view, I would say it is a good move since there are no specific channels to charter those kids between 5 to 8 years old and Nickelodeon and Disney Channel seems like too matured for them.

New programs will be introduced and ...

Jake and the Never Land Pirates may rock this channel, Trust me :)


Should i elaborate.. meh I pinjam sikit gambar-gambar dari Anje ok..In short, the Food was excellent!!!

Lagi lagi best...

can tapau maaa...


First, I met Anje near the Bisou.. and it was my first time meeting her. and finally her cute Balqis was there too.. comel ok.. everytime i tengok gegirl yang baju cantik2 pandai2 posing ni, mule lah berangan bile la i nak ade rezeki  baru pulak.. anyway, even though it was our first time.. tapi macam dah lame kenal..

Ayu on the other hand, the first thing she saw me, teruslaa dia cerite pasal Huggies event.. hehe pity them. anyway, kalau jumpe Ayu ni, mulut tak habis nak pot pet.. ade je lah modal dia nak cerite..

BFF - Anje, Ayu and yours truly...

The rest, most of them I met them already in person before, except for Liza.. seriously-lah wei.. she looks very familiar to me.. anyone can relate how I met this lady??

With Sumi carrying her 4th Son.. and Shila, the mother of Two heroes..

Group picture...


Yes, it was an indeed a fruitful event for me and of course it ended with




Mama Zharfan said...

beshnya!! me jeles ok :P

Iryani Noor said...

wahhh bestttt nyer... lg best biler dpt tapau.. heheeh... lasagna die siap ada kepala mickey lg.. cute

Liz Rohaizat said...

mira.. nak tau tak. saya rasa saya dah tau kenapa saya rasa muka awak familiar sgt. hehe.

maybe sbb kita jumpa kat petrosains tu la kot. lagi satu, sbb muka awak lebih kurang muka kwn saya.

awak sepupu teh azreen eh? kwn saya ckp, dulu teh pun selalu ckp dgn dia yg dia ada sepupu muka mcm kwn kitorang nie.

mama tisya said...

best bila tgk part menu tu...yum2

Cute MuM said...

jom join gathering 12 jun (ahad) kol 4 ptg kat KLCC..

BabyBooned said...

wow it looks like so much fun!

Mummy Moon said...

nice event..

mama_umar_maryam said...

mira,actually zt pon dpt invi nih..nyesalnye x blh g sorg2 jekan..pasni klu dh attend dinner yg ni,the whole family will b invited kan..beshnyer..zt aritu pk,susah nk g sorg2..nk drive ke bangsar lg


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