Friday, April 15, 2011

when a young boy shows an interest on skateboard...

ya man.. it was all happened yesterday when we had our dinner at one of UM's hostel..

there was a college boy who was trying very hard to learn how to skate, and Emir was very eager to stand at the end of the corner looking at the boy. While both us patiently waiting for the food :), Emir on the other hand ran towards us to inform whether we had seen him imitating the boy. yeah, when the boy jumped, he jumped..

But after a while, he couldn't wait no more to get his feet on the skateboard. So, he asked me to ask the boy's permission, but aiyaa.. to me whatever he wants sometimes he must get it all by himself.. I told Emir to ask nicely from that Abang..

Of course, at first he refused to do so and shy.. but i told him, if he didnt ask, then he wouldn't have a chance to try.. so he "managed" to ask that abang... actually i already saw that boy offered him to play, tapi emir cam malu malu..

then baik pulak dengan abang ni, i tak tau, ape conversation between Emir and that guy.. all i know he is a student from Korea, Emir told us his name is Jom..

and now he asked me to buy him a skateboard..  and datang lagi tempat ni petang karang... grr***



mommy nazeef said...

waaa...dah besar emir! siap nak main skateboard lagik.. :)
gi la try universal studio singapore. bessss

Wansteddy Tales said...

besh t main skateboard! wan masa kecik dulu merasa naik pelepah kelapa je, imagine main skateboard! mengarut tak? hahhaha... nnt kena masuk dlm wishlist untuk emir la ni Mira... :D

mama_umar_maryam said...

wahh kemain emir,pandai die tackle mamat korea tuh

BabyBooned said...

eh bagus tu, he can learn alot of coordination skills that would be good for him, kan!

ashra said...

wah..hehe.emir da menunjukkan minat tu da mira..kenalah beli satu,hehehe


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