Friday, April 29, 2011

Emir, a note from your Ibu...

There were so many events happened on me for the past few weeks which I concluded as Alhamdulillah, nothing interesting but at least my mind finally reach the "normal" state.. Now the time is ticking at 1 am, I am sleepy, but Ibu promised myself to jot this down so that you could read sometimes.. Perhaps you are reading this when I am no longer around..

Before that, today Ibu had a special birthday celebration for one of Ibu's blogging friend.. Dr Suzi.. That was actually my first time meeting her, she just came back from UK ... And we celebrated together with your Auntie Ezna and Auntie Ayu.. anyway, they are all my blogging friends.. we just know each other but it is likes ages we have been friends.. Ok, i will write about this is another entry..

Dear Emir..

Today, your school had an excursion to MATIC to attend The Ugly Duck Show. well, this is actually your I think 6th excursion, ya, couldn't remember since I already sent you to school when you were only 1.5 years. So, as the first time mummy and you are still my only son, I always wanted to see you stepping on the bus, how you mingle with your peers, how you communicate with you friends, teachers, fetch you from school and the list goes on..

But unfortunately, my working schedule doesnt permit me to do that, I may only get this opportunity if only I am on leave, else all the responsibilities I passed to Papa.. and God knows how envy I am to see other mothers doing what I want to do.. But yes, masing-masing punye rezeki kan..

and so.. ok fine, this is the first time, I am telling my blogging friends that I already left my previous job. and I have no regrets at all even though i already lost that big bucks in my bank's account and I am still struggling to handle my financial.. and this is the first time i am free in april.. if im still there, probably im still at office during this wee hours.. nak nak due date of tax return is this 30th april..

Ok, put aside why I left, I may shared with you in another entry.. but again.. I love to stress that i have no regrets and one of the answer is because of today..

As I mentioned to you earlier, I did not have any flexibility at my workplace, therefore, your need have to rely on Papa. Your teachers rarely seeing me at school and I was always in hurry. Ya lah, ape tak nyer kan, kalau Ibu lambat for even one single minute, I need to pay that RM10.. its true baby!! or if anything urgent, Papa would be the one to "rescue" you..

So, what happened today. I forgot to bring your jacket. Your teacher asked to bring the jacket, afraid that you would be cold inside the theater room, but unfortunately, I couldnt return back to our house as Papa wanted me to wait for him and sent him to Kiara cemetery. Yes, your Papa is having a project at cemetery.. :) Interesting story to tell you.. but again later lah..

After i sent Papa, I drove to your school and asked the guard whether your group has left, so he said the bus was on his way to your school. Then I rushed back to our crib and took your jacket.

Then, I drove to MATIC. Actually, that was my first time too to reach MATIC, never know that they have a lot of program for pre school children. Should ask Papa to bring us there one day kan..

So, I parked the car, and I met this one mother, who actually sending her daughter there as well but not from your school. I walked around the MATIC and finally I found Teacher Alissa with small children and guess what, the kids quickly shouted "emir, your mummy is here".. that time, I still didn't see you..

I met few of your classmates, and they were shouted "Emir, looks who is here", "emir, your Ibu!!" and finally I saw you sitting on the bench beside Teacher Asmitta and Akif and you looked so happy to see me. The one happy child who seeing his mother unexpectedly. Susah lah ibu nak describe that face.

and I passed you the jacket. you were smiling all the way. After I hugged and kissed you, I left.

Yes, it was a simple simple occassion for some mothers that I finally feel it after 5 years you were born. I mean that smile.. you know the smile.. Gosh... how I love to have that terkejut and happy smile again...

and once again, I would love to say, this is one of what i always wish for, be with you, watching you grow, manage your need.. yes, I want to be the first one to know everything about you.. not your Papa :) ok ok lah.. together together laa..

Ibu Emir


Nini D.. said...


Wansteddy Tales said...

Satu hari bila Emir baca entry ni, tentu lebih mendalam rasa kasihnya pada Ibu :)

Mummy Rizq said...

intersting and sooo touching!

jojoe said...

sob. our daughter pun will soon be managed by her daddy :(

ashra said...

so sweet..
* touching la...sob sob..

AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

so sweet :)

iryani lob said...

bring tears to my eye

BabyBooned said...

sebak i baca ni!

mama_umar_maryam said...

mayb klu jadik kt i, i dah nangis dlm kete,huwaaaaa..touching dear ;)


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