Wednesday, January 05, 2011

2010 in a nutshell continues... and contest participants.. check your name ya..

Can I say its not too late to talk about my 2010. In a nutshell, I will put 2010 this way, my personal life - Alhamdulillah, but my work life is sucks. :) Should I deliberate more...


Talking about work, it is a never ending story for me. In the early 2010 I have my worst stressed ever where I could say I am at my lowest self motivation. I know everyone feels stress, but at that time, I couldnt handle and cope with my stressed. I felt lonely and seriously I could easily cried.

But Allah is always there when we need help. In the early February, I resigned from my 5 years workplace to start a new journey, same work scope, same job scope but different work environment and different ---> role. I appreciate the fact that this place has thought me to be more independent and I could not deny the fact that here is the place where I grow up as a real tax consultant. I had equal opportunity to learn what I want and I do invest my time to learn what I want..

But what happened was, again I could not cope with the time. Being in this fast phase environment, again, I crawled to balance myself as a wife, mother and an employee, and I definitely fail this time and the situation I had to endure was totally different from what I have gone through from my previous firm. This time, it is all work related. My health deteriorated. and again I stressed. and for some reasons, I did not share my pain with my husband. Kalau dua dua stress lagi parah kan..

But I managed to sail through, not smooth, but it reached to the point where I could smile for this journey. This is the place where I beautifully spent my 8.30am to 5.30 pm (always more than these hours) for work. Of cos, at times I did log on to my FB to cheer me up but seriously it wont take more than 20 minutes a day. and sometimes tak de langsung. Blogging.. tak langsung... those who followed my blog, usually i would update at night, kalau siang semua auto publish itupun jarang.. and thats the reason why my MALAYSIA Giveaway is getting slower and slower..

I wanted to write more on this. another interesting story to share but since this journey has not come to the conclusion.. so I will continue once everything is settled, perhaps when I talk about 2011? Lets see..


As always, he always be my pillar of strength. Even though my work life is miserable, but becos of Emir, I had this determination and perseverance. He always makes me smile with his spontaneous jokes, quotes and keletah. Every time I am with him, my world is the real world. Well, mak mane tak sayang anak..

But Allah tested me again. Emir was confirmed as one of H1N1's victim. and first time again, I know what is the real pain. It is more painful to watch your own child battling with the disease and you as a parent, could do nothing to ease the pain..

Alhamdulillah, it was a mild H1N1 as we quickly rushed Emir to the hospital when he looked weirdly weak. So ibu dan bapa, kalau anak demam, jangan lah simpan lama-lama dekat rumah, budak kecik punye demam ke ape bukan boleh dibawa main..


Even though I started blogging way back in 2003, but 2010 was the year where I was getting serious about blogging. An additional side income, tak banyak macam orang lain but it helps a lot.. My first cash out from Nuffnang was on 14 March 2010 (yes, during my birthday) and lepas ni memang I akan cash out setahun sekali jer.. and my first cash out was...

  nyorok nyorok pulak, it was RM1,073.73
Read here and here...

and yes, up to the end of year 2010, despite having me off and on with MALAYSIA Giveaway, I managed to earn RM641 from contest advertising. Terima kasih kepada semua contest organizers yang murah hati tolong I. At least berbaloi dengan bersengkang mata update blog contests..


2010 was the year where I realized "hey, contest can cheer up your life". and sometimes it makes your dream come true. and it seriously happened to me. Even though I started crazy about contest when I was young, but 2010 was the best contest year for me.

I participated in quite a number of blog contests and win fantastic prizes from fantastic organizers... Sorry, tak dapat tunjuk semua... ini semua sebahagian daripada i menang..

My first Nuffnang's contest that I won was.. Friso and Nuffnang - winner of the post event entry which entitled me to win RM1,000

then the craziness of the contest officially commenced when I won a ticket to watch American Idol Live at Los Angeles, USA + RM2,000 pocket money after I was announced as a Grand Prize winner for CIMB Prime Plan and Starworld Contest..

I always always wanted to visit US one day.. dak tau la kenape.. compared to Europe, I memang lebih nak pergi US, and tak sangke, I dapat pergi FREE :d
Entry pasal US ni banyak.. 

and when I was in US, I received an email from Nuffnang informing that I was one of the consolation prize winner for Love Sloggi Love World
which entitled me for these

  • RM 250 Origins voucher
  • RM 135 worth of Sloggi products, and 
  • RM 50 Sloggi voucher

Then later, when the Football Fever attacked the whole world, I squeezed myself to ask Voters (first time ever) to vote for me at Malaysian Airlines Contest which entitled me to win a ticket to Johannesburg, South Africa but I managed to ask the organizer to change to 3 tickets to Hanoi, Vietnam but (but lagi) I have yet to redeem the tickets.. insyaAllah few weeks from now..

and to close the year 2010, I am one of the winner for Pizza Hut Contest... 

which entitled me to win...

and as I said, I would love to share this happiness... so kindly check your names ya.. kalau dah ok, i akan cabut undi ya

1.       aMyErInAiMiE
2.       Miza Yusof
3.       Amar Amirah
4.       Ms and Mr Red Ribbon
5.       misz h0neyz
6.       AROL DSHW
7.       kemma
8.       MisS NadRAH
9.       nur
10.   Mama Zharfan
11.   waveX
12.   kakngah
13.   MommY & DaddY CooL
14.   nadiah
15.   cikanna
16.   imanmom
17.   Putri Cahaya a.k.a MiRa
18.   Zur@ZaRi
19.   Mama Balqis
20.   Aishah Megahasz
21.   Cute MuM
22.   ChentaHati
23.   Mama_Fatin
24.   Emy
25.   ana-kirana
26.   AyuArjuna BiGoshh
27.   Nini D
28.   mama_umar_maryam
29.   ||imanja||
30.   Nurul Bahiah
31.   Nurul Bahiah
32.   yantz-yeem
33.   hafizah_ismail
34.   chen3
35.   Syima Emi
36.   Wansteddy Tales
37.   Lelord
38.   Iryani Noor
39.   shera haifa
40.   mama rifQy
41.   LyNn'Azlina
42.   Mardhiyyah Ridzuan
43.   Shaa
44.   saddam
45.   Nana
46.   elise
47.   ..::SangRatoo::..
48.   Ummi Dania Yasmine
49.   ibuafiqahhuzaifah
50.   ... Ana...
51.   yangbaik
52.   anin
53.   ujie
54.   Flora Fana
55.   mummy alesya
56.   therosputih
57.   Nieyoot
58.   z.u.n.a.i.d.a
59.   zaikulim
60.   SyUhAdA
61.   fiezah91
62.   Mummy Moon
63.   DeLaiLa
64.   Ina
65.   ::Mamalyna::
66.   Cik Dya said
67.   Lulu caldina
68.   Ummu umar
69.   hqfizulhqkim
70.   ummuabdullahsyaakir
71.   gigi rongak
72.   nur hidayah isa
73.   3p4h


Mama Zharfan said...

impressive achievement! me proud of u :) can't wait to meet u up and hang out dgn u, ezna, ayu arjuna :)

Em's Family said...

ya... cant wait to meet u too together with the rest of the gang!! sure tak de bende lain kite nak cerite kan hahaa

tiefazatie said...

wah...dasat betol pencapaian sis...wish u all da best for 2011 sis!insyaallah..=)

Iryani Noor said...

yay nama aku ader =p...

Nini D.. said...

ang memang terbaekk kak!!

hayatizain said...


memang kagum dengan dgn pencapaian Mira dlm blogging. Tapi yang kak yati perhatikan dalam apa jugak entry giveaway Mira memang buat BETUL2.So much effort you put there. So you memang deserve to win :)

Wansteddy Tales said...

setiap tahun pasti ada suka dan duka... kita bangkit dr kesedihan. tanam keazaman baru. pastu kejayaan demi kejayaan dapat dikecapi.dgn usaha, kreatif, doa dan tawakal pendorong smgt pd mira dan rakan lain juga :D Tahniah Mira!

Ummu umar said...

Semoga tahun ini lebih bertambah baik dr sebelumnya utk KITA SEMUA...
iklan menari dgnku Sign up HB!Affiliate to enjoy free gift!

shera haifa said...

wahh..i like..

Ina said...

tengok u punya achievement buat i nak joint contest jer...

SyUhAdA said...

syu ada..
no 60..

thniah ye..
byk mng..~

Putri Cahaya a.k.a MiRa said...


Em's Family said...

ifa: tak de banyak pun.. cume hadiah nyer besar sikit je..

Yani: name ko ade :)

Nini: thanks!! usaha jugak

kak yati: yeah.i agree, im a bit kiasu sebenarnyer, sape tak nak masuk contest tak nak menang kan.. so kalau nak menang, u have to pay for it.. kan kan..

Wan: hidup tak de makne kalau ok je setiap masa, it must have ups and downs.. baru lah colorful.. all the best to you too...

Ummu Umar: yeah, and i harap u pun same jugak.. moga dapat ape yang u hajatkan..

Shera haifa: ape yang u like? :D

Ina: Jom join contest!! we should!!

Syuhada: tunggu result yer... maybe this weekend..

Mira: same name like mine :) mesti suke bossy jugak kaka

ashra said...

banyak suka duka kita lalui sepanjang thn kan..mmg adakala wat kita stop sekejap,tensen dan menanges.ada masa,kita hepi sehepinya n relax..

alhamdulillah,rezki mira boleh thn gak.. =) moga thn ni,bertambah lagi rezkinya ok.. hehe

Em's Family said...

doakan i untuk rezeki baby okeh

Syima Emi said...

salam akak.. saya mmg kagum dgn pencapaian akak dlm dok join2 contest2 ni. mmg rajin. yelah org cakap kalau nak, seribu daya kan. walaupon sebagai isteri, ibu dan bekerja pula tu tak pernah membataskan akak teruskan minat join contest2 ni. keep up the good work. jgn cepat give up. sama2 kita terus sukses.. insya Allah..

ujie said...

nama aku pn 53..hehehe..

mama_umar_maryam said...

hmm..wpon baru skali je jmpe u mira, tp bile bc ni i sebak tau..=) ..semoga tahun 2011 more winning!more rezeki!

♥ Anje a.k.a Mama_Balqis said...

wah bestnya banyak tol menang hadiah yang grand2 ni..semoga tahun ni banyak lagik rezeki untuk menang contest k...cayok2


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