Thursday, October 14, 2010

What does 101010 means to you..

Ok fine, I am damn late to shout about 101010.. Now its already 14 October 2010 considering the time now is 12:38 am. Well, being me, whenever I stressed, I will not blog, I would rather play around with my Facebook. So, if you see me actively on Facebook (I mean komen sane, komen sini) and NOT updating my blog, it means that I am at depressed mode. So guys, too easy to analyze me kan hehehe..

Nothing much about my personal life, depressed about work, pretty normal for me, but how could a blogger blog about her life when she actually not happy. You boleh kot, i tak leh :) Well, I can always blog about it kan, but I would try as much as I could not to mention anything sad sad here.. haha no more.. haha mari simpan cerite best best jer..

Ok, back to the story, what happened on my 101010..


It was a normal delivery, pandai betul baby ni nak pilih tarikh ni.. Kagum dengan my sis, no epidural at all, rezeki masing-masing kan.. but as long as your baby is healthy, Alhamdulillah...

and on that day itself, up until 7pm on 101010, the baby is the 14th to be delivered on that day at Ampang Puteri, banyak yang c-sect, even my sister said, ade orang booked nak operate at 1010 am 1010pm.. haiya.. 

but anyway, cool tak the future IC.. 101010-10-xxxx since the baby is born in Selangor, so the middle no is already 10 kan..

and so, my sister is now a mother at the age of 24, same like my mother and myself hehehe.. so adik adik perempuan I, I know ALL of you are my silent readers, especially Mimi, you have 3 years to go before you reach 24 kekekekeke..

Introducing the new addition in our family.. Mohammed Zubair Ali, he will be the second grandchild in the family.. heheh, of cos I am excited!! I am now officially an auntie at my side.. anyway, Zubair mate besarrr je, see see, this is his second day, usually baby loves to sleep, but unlike Zubair, he loves to keep his eyes wide open...

But yeah, now the mummy is back from the hospital, leaving the baby behind under the hospital care due to jaundice, hoping that Zubair will recover soon to reunite with his family!! (Update: baby dah balik) Watch out Zubir, abang Emir will make a noise this weekend at Atok's house.. 

So, what should Zubair call me...

WAN CHOR?? (I orang Perak kan)


I have decided.....

Panggil IBU je lah.. kan senang :D

and my siblings + my husband said, Zubair looks like Emir.. I dont think so :)

This is Emir, fresh from the oven.. :) Lain kan...


Mama Zharfan said...

bestnya dpt baby 101010 tu!!!

ana-kirana said...

wahhhh syioknyaaaaaa!!!
sib baik laki..kalau pmpn nnt hantaran sama ngn tarikh lahir :P


ashra said...

wahhh..tarikh bes tul!..baru je cakap hubby aritu,sapalah lahir 10.10.10..IC mesti cun punye.keke...da jumpa da sorang dlm ni! hehe

mommy nazeef said...

cute zubair..congrats :)

mama_umar_maryam said...

wah,congr8s 4 ur sis n family


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