Thursday, October 07, 2010

Trip to Hakone

Before we came to Tokyo, my SIL has already had planned in hand, so our trip will be unforgettable and sweetness. Yes, but unfortunately we have to filter some of it due to our tight budgets. Well, we dont wanna spend RM1,500 merely for transportation just for a short trip to Osaka. no no no.

But yes, we agreed to go to Hakone, 100km away from Tokyo and this is where Mount Fiji is located. Hubby was pretty excited to witness this Mount Fiji.

My SIL told me, she always went to Hakone by car, but with us, she booked 4 seats of Romance Train. Yes readers, this train is called Romance train, and seriously I am not too sure for what reason. and unfortunately, guess what.... I slept all the way hahaha and only had a glanced at Mount Fiji kekeke

Yerp, Emir was still sleeping

Jom, lets rest our eyes and see these beautiful sceneries on our way to Hakone...

We had to change, I think 3 trains to reach the real Hakone...

the best part, most of the tourists were Japanese itself and mainly the senior citizens.. but man... kuat lagi babe..
one of the train... mountain railway line..
Yes, Emir was still sleeping... and finally presenting to you , our little Emir

and we had to take a gondolaa too... jauh OK..

Hakone Ropeway

Us... Emir tengah gayattt tengok tempat tinggi...

Yerp... @ 1044m.. SEJUKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!

but this young man.. cool jer..

and yes, surrounded by active volcano

We had to climb very high up to reach one place where we could boil the black eggs.. but unfortunately, we used the wrong WAY!!! what an effort!!

But at least, we managed to caputre beautiful pictures...

but Hubby still had the determination to find the correct way to the top of the hilll.. i tak de lah, duduk bawah je.. tak larat...

The place to boil eggs... bukan asap, kabus tu

and he loves it so much!! and Emir forced me to buy ice cream at this cold area!! and he finished it!!

To me, the black eggs taste like telur pindang

We had thousands of pictures but mostly the sceneries.. We almost missed the last bus of the day, well actually part of the trip, we had the opportunity to cruise along the Hakone island, but errr yerp, we missed the boat.. :( we did not know that the last boat was at around 4 pm... but yeah, at least we had the opportunity to breathe the fresh air...



mama zharfan said...

awesome pics!!

Iryani Noor said...

aku teringin nk naik mount fiji nih... scenery die sgt cantik..


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