Sunday, October 24, 2010

Power of Play with Kleenex @ KizSports Gym 1Utama

 and so, as I mentioned earlier, today Mr. Em's Family attended the Kleenex's Family Day at KizSports Gym 1 Utama. The event started at 2pm but we only managed to reach there at 2.30 pm due to err.. ok my dear little Emir requested to finish his cartoon first, which I basically allowed him to do so to avoid his unforeseen tantrum.. :)


But anyway, we did not miss the fun!! As soon as we entered the KizSports, the staff directed us to gather at this room and at that time, Mr. Nathan Kandapper, the Managing Director of Kimberly Clark, Malaysia was delivering the welcoming speech to the guests.

and of cos, Emir was quite impatient of waiting especially after we passed by the colorful play area outside the room..

But me on the other hand, I love to be inside the room cos the space is small, easier for us to control Emir

I understand that only 30 families were invited to attend this event..

The Power of Play with Kleenex

and finaly the Power of Play with Kleenex kick off by Abigail Barragry, the Creative Arts Therapist.. She brought the enthusiasm  inside the room.  The kids dance and followed the music, but my Emir sitting on his Ibu's lap with sour sour sour face!!

Children have been divided into few colors coding, Emir had this green tag and this is one of the activities for the green tag's children.. But as usual, Emir didnt participate ...!!

Emir forced us to bring him to the playground, and we had no other choice rather than to follow this "dictator", ok fine.. siap nangis lagi ok, takkan tak  bawak kan..

and I asked my husband to enter the room and snap as many pictures as he could..

so I guess this must be drawing session with the parents..

 The unknown loving father.. anyone know this family?

Found : hehe

 Ayu and her children..

Not sure whether that was a drawing contest..

and. huk huk huk.. I missed this photo session..!!


The tea break was actually a lunch for us !! :) 
but Emir , panas bontot.. ye laa tengah main, tarik dia pi makan dulu.. tengok la muke kan..

The food for parents.. :)

and Emir loves the spaghetti..


What else can beat you when you see this happy face!!


We have one thing in common.. yes, WE BOTH LOVE CONTESTS but Ayu is a super duper active in participating in a contest and luck is always on her side too!! Even, just now, our conversation mostly talking about contests!! Seronok.. hope to meet you again :)

The owner of Wisma Bling Lustre in Puchong.. She is now carrying her third bundle of joy.. but looking at her just now, she looks like as if this is her first pregnancy!! Honestly, I think she looks glowing this time (jangan sampai koyak baju ye Along kene puji ) :)

I am not sure whether she is still on her confinement period but wah la weh.. she came with Adam, her first son. Orang dulu-dulu tak kasik orang keluar keluar kan. but now moden lah kan kan.. :) I was so surprised when she told me that today is Adam's first bite of eating nugget.. Untung kan orang yang duduk ngan atok nenek ni

Honestly, I dont know her real name, so just now I just called her Sumi and she dint say anything.. So I guess she is OK with it.. man i tell you she is so active in blogging, dont know how she managed her time with three kids around!! Salute-lah

errr.. should I introduce :p Emir tak mau amik gambar. so kiterang dua orang jer..


No doubt, we received a lot of tissues!!! One set I passed to my mom just now.. :) Of cos I suke, nak nak dari Kleenex kan.. Thanks Kleenex, hope to see you again in your next event, we truly enjoy ourselves today!!



kemma said...


AyuArjuna BiGoshh said...

nice entry...seronoklah jumpa u n other hardcore bloggers. My kids pun enjoy. balik hari itu semua tido kepenatan heheheh :)...

ashra said...

besnye =) tak sabo tggu turn aleesya besar cam emir.hehe

superheroes' mom said...

Hello dear, I was there too at the event. I saw you and all the others that u mentioned above, but I shy shy cat lah.... next time if there's a chance to meet again, sure I taknak shy2 dah... sbb RUGI... hehe...


Mama Zharfan said...

kalau me ada kat Msia, me pun MESTI join event ni heheh
next year lah kita meet up yer :)

ibu emir said...

kemma: best!! nak nak free :d

suzi: sure!! cant wait to see u

ayu: ha ah, banyak yang hardcore bloggers were there.. emir pun same, masuk kerete terus tido

SHM: tak pe, next time kite tego2 ok.. :D

ashra: ashra, boleh je bawak alia.. dia pundah besar dah

kakyong said...

best nya ...
that's the world yg mampu terkeluar... kakyong ni asyik di rumah jer.. ari minggu pun suami sibuk g cari ikan/mancing la dgn kwn2 dia...

Sumijelly said...


nama penuh sumijelly adalah Norsuhaila...

tp kalu di kalangan blogger, lebih selesa panggil sumi @ sumijelly... rasa dekat sikit... dan leh kenal betwwen blogger and friend...hehehe

3 hero yg memenatkan dan sungguh menyeronokkan...hahahaha

Ibu emir pun sama, sejak populer RM1K with nuffnang, terus sumi kenal sampai bila2...hehehe

Nice to meet u too...

mama_umar_maryam said...

missed the event,if not sure kitorg terjah,tp my hubby ade tournament pulak,klu sorg nk handle 2 budak tuh,i'l b dead!heheheh,looking 4ward 4 another event hope can meet u mira ;)

Mummy Moon said...

Hi Ibu Emir, Thanks for the lovely picture , my hub is surprise to see his picture here , lol.

MeRy said...

Nice blog that you have..First time visiting ur ur link from Mummy Moon's blog.

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

wah best la event ni. Mira jumpa Ayu la ni :-)


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