Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mia and Mika Birthday Party...

Did I tell you that I love to attend kid's birthday party..!! why? cos it is full of fun, especially for our kids.. all of the kids most wanted treasure are there kan.. cake definitely, party pack, balloons, toys, games.. and the list goes on.. 

Last week, we were invited to attend my cousin - Kak Didik's children birthday party at The Balifeel, The Sphere... Mia and Mike .. Mia is the eldest daughter age 4 years old and Mike is now a 1 year old boy.. One thing I love about Kak Didik, she loves craft, deco and it was all shown on the decoration at the party.. Full of interesting colors and of course it was a theme party.. and this year, the theme was the Alphabet Birthday Party..

and as usual, we never fail to create a drama, last year, silap time, and we missed all the fun, and this year.. haha. guess what, I think we are the only guest who lost our way.. nyeh nyeh.. tp takpe, at least we reached there on time :)

Before that, meet Mia the Birthday Girl.. :) and she was waiting for the guests to gather at this area for cake cutting session :)

and finally 

Oh yes, all the pictures yang ade watermark tedr, are belongs to Kak Didik and her husband Ted..

and Mike is the boy with the party hat.. he is a cheerful boy.,.. kejap jer dah one year old :) 

and meet the Snow White - Sarah.. Mia's cousin

and yes.. ade games too!!!

and it reminds me of Emir's Birthday Party.. insyaAllah, I will organize his Birthday Party on his 5th Birthday.. this year.. tak leh.. tak cukup kuat nak organize -- ok ok blame the workload :p

But the best part!!!!!!

Emir, Papa Emir and this young gentleman, sorry I don't know his name, wore the same shirt from Domi!! hahaha



Mama Zharfan said...

pic last tu sgt best :)

insya Allah, next year me nak buat bday party utk my zharfan jugak :) Emir is invited in advance yer :)

Nia said...

kek tu memang superb..wah! nampak sedap tu!

Nini D.. said...

pic last tu macam dah berjanji je...

mama_umar_maryam said...

hahahaa.cute las pic! ehh..adorenye org yg kreatif nih,cantek btol tema alphabet tuh

Iryani Noor said...

alalala chomell nyer baju anak & ayah...
cake die pon chomell.. syg nk ptg =p


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