Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you mind to watch this video..

Ok before that!! man... finally i come to the point where I am soooooo lazy to update my blog and now Im enjoying myself socialising via Facebook :) So ladies and gentleman, if let say I win any contest, do let me know ya.. kekekek (anyway, high chances I do not win anything since I tak participate pun :)

Is it a disease? or is it a syndrome malas malas update blog ni? phew... but I think somehow, it is quite fair to be lazy for a while cos Im doing the house work!! haha usually I will save this portion during the weekend :) 

Anyway, cant wait to see Emir performing on stage for the third time!! this Saturday!! Time really flies... This year, based on what he told me, he will recite a pantun together with his friends.. how we know? mane taknyer dokk prektis kat rumah kan.. 

But aiyaa, he seriously need a help for his Bahasa..!! Something that I dont really errr seronok sangat..  and there were few incidents he asked me what is the meaning of "dinding", "kanan", "lupe" and etc.. dulu nak anak cakap omputih.. now i think we should balance lah kan..

Anyway, watch this video and as record for Emir.. "Emir, ni Emir practise untuk concert Emir, see macam mane Emir cakap" and guys.. sorry you need to have a Youtube.. i know some of you, tak leh bukak kat office kan.. hehehe

If you are wondering why so many books around.. yes, Emir was at my hubby's office and waiting for me to call Mr. husband to pick me up..


Mama Zharfan said...

mira - emir kat rumah memang speaking in English ajer ke?

mama_umar_maryam said...

hehehe,betul2, need balance,skg nipon kt umah Umar ckp mcm rojak ape jer,las2 org naik confuse

Em's Family said...

i cakap melayu jer.. emir ni jer cakap omputih...

zety: right!! kalau b ahasa rojak pun susah kan, sebab they dont know which one is bahasa and which one is english

Anazam said...

Masak seketul??? Apelah abah dia pong salahhhh

ashra said...

hehe.kita pun skang mmg confuse cane nak balancekan aleesya ckp english n malay.da la die baru nak blaja few words.smpi kdg tu ckp english with malay translation dlm masa sama.huhu..mesti die peningkan.keke.tu pasal die lmbt ckp kot.keke

Aiza said...

alahai comelnya emir nie..mcm omputih br belajar ckp melayu jadinye..blaja lagi..keep it up..
mira anta emir sekolah apa skg nie.?

Em's Family said...

ana: ha ah masak seketul peribahasa baru..

aiza: haha tau tak pe.. emir sekolah yang same jugak , kat bangsar

ashra: sebab tu lah, depa tak tau pun mane satu bahasa melayu mane satu bahasa mat saleh

Asiah Abd Jalil said...

Both my mother and mother in law are English teachers. But they discourage kami cakap 100% in English with the kids at home. So kitorang cakap 2 bahasa.

Memang very time consuming, tapi berbaloi. Contohnya, I will speak in Malay first, then I akan cakap, "But in English, we say it like this..." or vice versa, say it in English first, then translate it into Malay.

Anak-anak lebih cepat menguasai Bahasa Melayu, sebab surrounding dia semua orang cakap Bahasa Melayu. But at the same time, diorang tak ketinggalan in English.


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