Sunday, October 03, 2010

An accident open house (last Sunday)

The initial planned, was just to invite my family (my family means father, mother and siblings, in laws) and few friends (and few friends means consists of two families) for a lunch (lunch means makan nasi dan lauk pauk). So, actually it was a last minute plan, only did the marketing a night before, itupun balik pukul 12 malam. But since I already planned what to cook, I was quite calm on this..

Emir macam Raja main computer, mak dia tak sempat nak bising, bermaharajalela lah nunjuk kawan dia main helicopter game dia tu (anyway, the boy beside Emir is actually Emir's uncle (my cousin) hehe)

Comes the next day, siang ikan (ok, what does English called for "siang ikan?"), then kopek udang (again, how about "kopek udang" in English?), cut the onions, chillies, and dan lain lain.. ALL on my own.. do you know that I have no maid? and my husband did not allow for me to even ask for daily maid / weekend maid??

and so, I was like a superwoman on that day, and not to mention that my kitchen was in a total mess!! ha-ha, I was rushing since my dad keep reminding me that he would come at 12 pm sharp as he had few open houses on that day. 

Seriously, I couldn't actually remember what did I served for the first batch of guests... okok i tell you why.. just continue reading.. haha

and u know my father, he changed the plan, instead of 2, he came at 3!! sabar je lah, honestly, I was errr geram haha but it was all worth it cos they really eat.. ok ok continue reading...

before that, the first batch of guests (Hubby's friend came in).. I was like err.. dont get me wrong, I really loves people to come over to my house, orang kate rezeki, but errr.. the food was definitely not enough!! I asked my hubby, how many people did he invited, he said FEW..

ok fine.. then all the madness begin.. ramai gilerrr okey yang datang, and I was like a zombie, cooking some dishes one after another, lucky for me cos semalam punyer marketing tu, adalah sikit lauk dalam fridge tu.. and all the dishes were unplanned, I just cooked whatever I think it is the fastest lauk at that point of time.

and.. oh yeah, you are right.. pinggan dan mangkuk kan..finished cooking, I washed the plates, luckily my sisters and SIL quite ringan tulang to help me seeing that I was really kelam kabut.. and I was so sorry, cos I didnt manage to chat with the guests.. entertaining the guests.. I passed to Mr. Husband. frust jugak lah kan..

Alhamdulillah, lauk licin, Yani (the only friend of mine) was the last guest. and memang licin semua lauk, even nasi also licin (nasi adalah 12 pot, so imagine lah how many people yang datang)..

and to add some spices.. the next day was Monday, penat OK, kalau tau nak buat banyak macam ni, baik hari Sabtu, at least I have one day rest!! and... oh yeah, up until today, I didnt hear my hubs says "thank you" :)... Encik Emran, next time kasilah tau berapa ramai nak datang, at least penat sekali jer..I mean sekali masak je, and I boleh borak-borak dengan guests.. but anyway... it was FUN!! maybe the next batch, I nak ajak kawan-kawan I pulak.. :)



mama zharfan said...

me paham, sbb pernah jugak rasa mcm yg u rasa ie me buat open house masa 1st time lps kawin tu..msk mcm tak hengat :) tp puasa ati tgk org mkn :)

ashra said...

hehe..faham2.tapi,mira kira teror la..le masak banyak giler dalam masa satu hari tuk jamu org..tak plan lak tu.
setakat ni kita blum ada experience gtu.masa kat kampung tolong mak kelam kabut gtu pernah la..
tak la pengalaman kan..

mama_umar_maryam said...

mira, i pon p0nh camni, mmg xcdntly buat mkn2 kecik2 je tp yg dtg mak aihh..

Em's Family said...

mama zharfan: betul2 bile tengok orang makan, sampai licin, memang berbaloi

ashra: laki mira kadang2 macam tu, nak bagi surprise tak kene tempat..

zety: ahahah mari salah kan laki laki.. ke u yang panggil tak budget kekeke

Emran Mohd Tamil said...

time kasehh.. :P

BabyBooned said...

hehehehe encik emran dah berterima kaseh dah tu kan mira kan :D

u are indeed superwoman!!!

ujie said...

aku sgt kagum dgn ko mira..aku stakat nk makan 3,4 org ble la masak...nk ajak org utk open house ke aper, konpem aku order jek..aku pernah bawak anak homeroom dtg bukak pose kt umah..tu la yg plg ramai aku ajak unless kalo parents@PIL dtg,wat makan2 then br ajak ramai..hahaha


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