Saturday, September 25, 2010

The best peanut..

but only can be found in Japan...

Dunno whether you have encountered this peanut in Malaysia, if you do let me know.. :)

We found it by accident during our trip to Ameyoko, Japan. Some kind Malaysian's friend told us that Ameyoko is an affordable place to buy souvenirs compared to other tourist attraction e.g. Asakusa. So, when we had the first bite of this peanut, wah la, its kinda of haunting us... even my SIL had never seen this peanut and immediately fall in love with the taste, and both of our fathers (my late FIL and my father) loves it very much..

So the last time we ate this peanut was way back in January when my SIL back for good from Japan. and to keep the peanuts longer, we limited ourselves to open the packets at least twice per day, but our dear son.. against this pantang larang haha...

and recently, my SIL had a business trip to Japan, and she asked what we wanted, and with no doubt, ape lagi kacang ni lah.. pity her.. hehehe.. and tadaa finally after 8 months..

p/s boleh tidur dengan tenang :D



Iryani Noor said...

fuhh jauh tu..
dt jeponn..

nasib baik aku tak ngandung..
kalu mengidam teruk laki aku nk carik =p

mama zharfan said...

me tak suka sgt benda2 yg ada peanuts or apa2 nuts ;P


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