Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Sometimes you dont realize..

that you child is growing, eating the numbers day by day...

and perhaps you still remember you yourself donkey years ago, sitting at the end of the corner crying silently not getting the toys you want.. without you realizing the time, now you are a mother, raising a little caliph and you as the "mixer".. and some have five kids to raise.. - yes, im talking about you Asiah :)

time flies.. leaving us behind.. 

where the time goes is still a question, but how you utilize it, is another chapter of life.

Looking at Emir who now knows ABC, reading some words, and do simple exercise books makes me wonder, I am getting old.. I am no longer a young lady who just follows what my parent says... neither I should let someone who scolded nor demotivate me..

sometimes I dont realize that I am actually a strong young lady... who struggling to make everyone happy...but I don't know whether I should be proud for it... but seeing everyone is smiling, no unwanted emotion, I know I have done pretty well :)


mama zharfan said...

can't agree more..time really flies..*sigh

ashra said...

btul mira...baca mira nye entry,kita pun tak sangka yang kita ni makin menginjak usia bersama suami dan anak.kalu dulu,membesar dgn adik beradik mak ayah..hehe

Sitisifir10 said...

oo..bila diorang pandai membaca menulis..kita juga makin tua yaa...aiyyak...mcm mana ni, Asmaa' tau lebih dari tu kemas rumah, basuh pinggan, sidai angkat kain....mcm dah nk bermenantu,...still daku tak sedar dirik!!

Anonymous said...

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