Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka and how I see it...

Hows your Merdeka? Me, unfortunately, nothing happened last night.. didnt go out as we used to be due to my tummy pain.. Dunno la why, Hubby asked to tag with him along at Merdeka Square (the only place that has fireworks this year) but I was not so keen to go there since I assumed there would be too many mat rempit + my tummy pain. Anyway, Emir doesnt  know pun today is our National Day.

 mat rempit

Merdeka? To me it is a broad topic.. As for now, if you asked me, Merdeka is just another public holiday, where i Could at least escape from work, qadak tido, qadak itu dan ini, yes, im lacking of "remembering our "warriors" who fight for us for our independence.. perhaps I was not born in the earlier years so,  the sentimental value of Merdeka is not so vibrant. 

BUT... i appreciate the fact that I could live in a peace and harmony country where we are all sharing and respecting different cultures . I appreciate the fact that we could voice out whenever we want to (altho tak boleh too vocal), but at least we have the right to say so. I appreciate the fact that I could go anywhere in this country without feeling scared of any bombing or watsoever, I appreciate the fact that our country value education an improving years after years to ensure Malaysia as the best place to study. I appreciate the fact that foreign companies are investing here in Malaysia, and that is why i have a job. I appreciate the fact that Malaysia doesnt limit the number of children a married couple should have.. I appreciate the fact that ALL my favorite foods can be obtain in Malaysia..  hehehe 

Of course, in some cases, Malaysia needs some rebranding.. perhaps in enforcement.. :) Dont say only-lah, do something, recently I read in the newspaper, pasar besar Sungai Buloh is really dirty and that place doesnt have lampu for 3 years, pity all the traders.. secondly, yes, the bunga api, if you are in any bazar ramadhan, ramai ok yang menjual juall... and not to forget, CD cetak rompak is everywhere (ok fine, I pun beli jugak), but dont-lah say kite akan membasmi lanun cetak rompak.. dont-lah nak saman-saman banyak-banyak.. turun padang and see rakyat.. for example, please-lah ensure food in Malaysia is halal-kan. and please lah announce which hotel, food companies that dont have halal sijil. Often in news, asyik tunjuk, syarikat yang menjual mee or watever, rarely I heard they are mentioning the brand. or may be please laa hire more people as  operator. Sometimes its irritate me, since I always liaising with LHDN, and always called them, I can tell you, which branch yang susah angkat telefon.. but Jalan Duta branch is an exception, the operator is really functioning.. :) and please-lah do something about rasuah :)

and i think our universities, i dunno, this is only my two cents, i could see for example, banyak benor Uni branches across Malaysia, and it looks like, sape yang jadi menteri besar or watever, they would ensure one education institution is developed at their hometown, tak caya sila check segala mala MRSM and UITM. I know at least it will boost the economic of the place but aaa, can we have one GOOD university, good means, good facilities or infrastructure where the allocation of the budget for few universities become as one... im sure that universities akan gah perhaps around the world... and maybe, budget lebih tu, u can spend on lecturers or research or sponsoring more students..

and oh.. talking about politics.. hmm.. hmm.. hmmm.. no comment.. :)

Politics in Malaysia macam Emir, tengah cari jalan keluar :)

Saya akhiri dengan gambar gambar buka puasa di Perdana Felda bersama rakan sepejabat pada Khamis lepas.. :) sungguh keluar topik, tapi actually I nak cerite pasal bukak puasa ni, biase laa bile tangan menaip, it becomes a different topic :p.. anyway, one thing good about my current company, despite mendapat seorang boss yang agak garang, mereka tidak kisah untuk menabur duit untuk kaki dan tangan :) tempat ni banyak betul makan2, not only makan-makan, they have done a lot of things as compared to my previous firm :) Tengok je laa gambar nyer 

Me and Naz  - we are in the Red team hahaha
(ter-- same)

Emy and Farrah - Farrah claimed she looks tembam DUSH!!!

Jehan and Kak Arni - just got to know that Kak Arni last time was a MAS stewardess

Welcome to food heaven.. mat salleh sure confuse, ape laa banyak sangat orang Malaysia ni makan

p/s I know I m so need to have new camera, iPhone sangat tak best bile it comes to camera at night..



mama zharfan said...

can't agree more :)
the last part psl byknyer mknnan and that kat UK ni no such food, memang betul sgt2 hehhehhheh

mama zharfan said...

can't agree more :)
the last part psl byknyer mknnan and that kat UK ni no such food, memang betul sgt2 hehhehhheh

Ibu Emir said...

Suzie: haha, kan kan, Malaysia is food heaven, letak banyak makanan pun semua habis licin.. nak nak kalau bende tu free. :)

ashra said...

hepi sungguh anak teruna mira ni.
tinggi semangat patriotiknya..


rina said...

kak mira?? lhdn mana yg lembab nih?? WM ke?
arini saya tepon tak angkat2, geram betul!

Em's Family said...

rina.. wangsa maju tu nak angkat la jugak even though lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nak nunggu... ade branch yang takkan angkat langsung ..


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