Tuesday, August 03, 2010

mamakuQis's cookies at our doorstep...

well, honestly not really.. I have to collect my parcel at Pos Laju Batu Caves. But anyway, that is not what I am going to say.. actually I have tasted mamakuQis for the first time at MySuperKids Family Day at Puchong last May and mamakuQis was one of the proud sponsor of the event. Seriously I did not know that mamakuQis is owned by my ex colleague at UTP - Hana Basri.

I remembered on that day, we (me, hubby and my two sisters) finished the cookies at one go.. sampai adik i cakap "kak long mane satu kedai dia, sedap".. and now, when mamakuQis organized blog giveaway, as usual I would participate and  I am just aiming to get the RM5 voucher and small box of cookies, which apparently I did :) haha, kire one free box of mamakuQis untuk raya nanti (ade sape nak donate lagi RM5 kekeke) to date, I have collected 4 mamakuQis vouchers, for the grand giveaway tak sempat nak masuk due to the time constraint.. 

This is the packaging for the normal order.. RM25 per box
Picture credit to mamakuQis

The box received by me from mamakuQis..

Emir tak bagi ambil gambar. He loves the cookies so much but unfortunately he didnot allow me to take his picutre.. bapak dia nak posing pun tak bagi

Gambar ni lah yang Emir ngamuk sakan kat Bangi Kopitiam, oh sebab hari tu i puasa and it is nearly breaking fast time, so bukak puasa situ je lah.. Encik Husband mule mule tak mau, tapi bile sekali rasa, amik lagi, dan lagi, dan lagi.. until I have to stop him "sila jangan lupe orang yang nak bukak puase ok"..

You wanna get your first bite of mamakuQis..??? Kindly log on to www.mamakuqis.blogspot.com



mama zharfan said...

mine adik i tukang rasa dan habiskan...nak pos ke uk sure jd serbuk by the time sampai cni..kena tunggu next year lah kot..tp me rasa nak order for my family utk hari raya ;) pssttt i dpt 3x RM 5 voucher tu :)

Em's Family said...

baruuu nak mintak u in case you tak nak gune kan... boleh pass kat i hahaha :D

hana.basri said...

so sempat ke u makan mira?? huhu. btw, one voucher can redeem one box only ya~ sila baca T&C at the voucher *wink*


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