Monday, August 30, 2010

and so, who is working today???

Me, me and me

another Monday to face. Has not submitted my Timesheet, damn, I dunno when will I run away from Timesheet. It has been five fruitful years where I have to record every single  minutes I spent in the office. Not only that, the stress part comes when we have to justify this and that,  macam kenape lame sangat amik masa kat this client...

Well, thats part of my job, either i like it or not, there is a certain thing that I need to comply. Anyway tomorrow is Merdeka day, me, I have no plan at the moment, just tomorrow I have this birthday party, and tonight, we gonaa wait 12am at undecided highway overlooking the klcc. might  be DUKE or AKLEH..till then daaa..


This is .... said...

sebijik muka saffuan.. hehe

mama zharfan said...

cute sgt pic emir ni..

ashra said...

cute nye emir.kalu ada contest merdeka,le anto.comelsss.

rafiqaheliza said...

Me too!

Hey you, remember me?
Lamanya tak visit your blog..sempatlah qhatam cerita you had big winnings in the past. Lucky you!

Em's Family said...

This is.. oh oh nanti bapak dia marah hahaha :p

Suzie: thanks :)

ashra: haha, memang tengah cari pun :

Rafiqah: hey babe, of cos i remember u.. haha, i datang n pergi kat blog since you are not updating (but sekarang belum check lagi).. so the three boys are doing well? or already 4 ?


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