Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sushi King @ Soho KL goes RM2 per plate every Tuesday

Those who dont love sushi, maybe this bonanza seems nothing to you, but for me, since Emir loves sushi, this is something that I look forward. ok lah, not only him, me too.. Sushi King is offering RM2 per plate for all sushi rice based every Tuesday, but unfortunately this is only available at Soho KL (Solaris , near Mont Kiara). Good news for me since Solaris is only few minutes away from our condo..

Honestly, from my observation, this Sushi King is dying on any other normal days, but unlike Tuesday, we have to wait for our turn to be seated.

My SIL and Mr. Husband waiting for our turn.. we insisted to seat next to the belt...

the happy munchkin... dun ask me why he likes sushi so much...

Well, anyway business is still business, the expensive sushi will come out occasionally, the most awaited sushi basically are the prawn tempura, unagi, scallop and sashimi..

For normal days, the belt is empty... but on Tuesday it is packed with sushis..

and for those who seated outside the belt area, you have to wait for the workers to get your sushi, else, you dont get it at all

Emir and sushi... and yes, he is getting better handling chopsticks

and this is how they prepared the rice...

just put the rice in this green machine...

these 3 pictures were taken by Emir, he was amazed to see the outcome

can you see???

With my Emir

and this picture was taken by Emir.. 

and oh, this is valid for all customers, not just Sushi King card members...


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ashra said...

pandai emir makan sushi..auntie ash,pernah skali je gi sushi king..pastu tamo da..tak reti makan.hehe


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