Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain wins... but Mr. Husband...

did not win anything.. well, he has been informed as a top 5 in that photography competition, but with unfortunate event and with a very strong argument by the VVIP, his picture has to be removed among the Top 5. Anyway, maybe rezeki not on his side at this point of time. Mr. Husband was calmed but of course knowing that you were among the Top 5 (and that was the reason why he was so hype to drive all the way from Jalan Kuching to Putrajaya) then was rejected, you could not deny it was quite disappointed..

well, at least his picture was chosen by the judge, I mean the expert.. but not to the VVIP (judge pilih dulu, then baru VVIP pilih).. 

yes, I am still quite awake after watching the match between Spain and Netherlands, Spain wins but what will happen after this, Paul the Octopus will become more popular than the Holland's team :).. Well, both team are equally the same, the way they played, the strength and the weaknesses to me, was the same, but luck on the Spain's team.. Congratulations..

But anyway, we had this Emir's birthday mini celebration at Pullman Hotel. Nothing much, just a simple and small cake at the coffee house, enough to make my little munchkin happy. Guess what, he has not even blow his candles since his 4th Birthday. He requested to celebrate his birthday at his Atok's house with the Mickey Mouse cake.. insyaAllah, when the time permits.. but to throw a birthday party, I dont think I'm gonna do that this year.. maybe small may be not..  yelah rase tak sesuai, ayah Emran baru je meninggal kan.. even Emir told me he doesnt want a birthday party, cukup kat Atok's house.. that what was he said.. 

Here some of the pictures taken...

brownie cheese cake

Emir anxiously waiting for the candle

Ibu said "Emir 1 year old only?"
he answered "noo.. the cake is small"

he is 1 + 3 years old :)

and yerp, he finished everything!!! both of us makan suku jer..

hope nothing happen today at the office... :(



kirana said...

laaaaaaa ...kenapa mesti vvip yg pilih...bukan ke pengadil lagimk prodesional..baik tak yah gna pengadil..huhuu

mama zharfan said...

emir sgt hensem!! happy bday dear!!

ashra said...

takpe..belum rezki hubby mira time le cuba lg..

wahh.emir..hepinya die.licin pinggan ye.. =)

kunci said...

happy bday emir ~!!

babe got my email?

mama_umar_maryam said...

huhu..pndi ke vvip tu pilih?xper,myb rezki kt tmpt lain..
btw, brownies emir sgt tempted ..

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

Happy Birthday sayang!!! :-) Handsome :-) macam iras muka u eh??

BabyBooned said...

awww he looks soo cute. takpe lah mira, insyaAllah there'll always be next year to make a big party for him, kan.


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