Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Picture Company Part 2 (The Gardens)

Usually, every 29th June, I will be on leave. Its either, I would throw small birthday party for Emir at his school or jalan-jalan, but this year, I have to face the fact, that I am currently under probation and my oh my, I had already utilised my leaves at the moment and already took up unpaid leaves for just 4 months of serving. Gosh, I survived this 4 months.

Anyway, as some of you may know, I have signed up as a member of The Picture Company quite a while ago. As a member, I am entitled for free photo session on our special occasions (birthday, anniversary) , however due to our time constraint, we haven't redeem anything yet.

So, to mark something on 29th June 10, I have made an appointment for a free photo session with The Picture Company. Since, I really like Jo's (photographer's) work, so I called up The Picture Company at One Utama. But unfortunately Jo has been transferred to The Picture Company at The Garden's branch (thanks goodness, it is still around our circle)

Understand from Jo that The Picture Company at The Garden has recently opened last month, the place is a bit smaller compared to One Utama and I think less crowd. but anyway, that was not a problem as the main thing we wanted to do was - something to record on 29 June..

Surprisingly, Emir was very cooperative, unlike his first photo session. He obediently followed the instructions from Jo (well, honestly not everything, but at least, beyond our expectation, hehe). And the gaya lebih-lebih was when he became the so call singer, of cos with non other than Nobody song. Over anak I okeh..

Enjoy the pictures...


Well, its not that easy to follow toddler's mood




 CAN YOU BELIEVE, HE IS 4 YEARS OLD NOW..  but again he will always be my baby



Iryani Noor said...

cantik la gambar2 die..
Emir pon pandai kasi pose yg menarik =p...
owh kire kalu jd member, leh dpt free photo session on our special occasions ekk.. menarik tu..

kirana said...

besnya gambar...yg last sekalik plg cantik..pandai bergaya

mommy nazeef said...

cute...:) gambar die cantik kan?clean n clear...hahaha. nnt nak try la gi kedai tu gaks..

ashra said...

emir mmg fotogenik la..pandai giler bergambo. gambo cantik,muka da la ensem.hehe.

aihh...emir emir.auntie ash nak jd kan menantu le?hehe

Em's Family said...

yani: boleh tapi satu gambar je sebenarnyer, sebab kiterang tak pernah redeem ape2 tu dapat amik banyak sikit

kirana: semuanyer adalah kebetulan, bukan suke pun mamat ni sebenarnyer sebab janji bende lain ngan dia

Mommy Nazeef: boleh, try jer.. walk in pun boleh, tapi mase tu Nazeef kene in a good mood, kalau tak rugi

ashra: wahhh bagus laa auntie ni, :D


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