Thursday, July 22, 2010

A little bit about MALAYSIA Giveaway, me and contest ...

You know kan I am maintaining one website for those who love to participate in a contest which called MALAYSIA Giveaway . I always ensure myself at least to update one contest per day, but yeah, at some point, of course nak tengok komputer pun tak lalu, so I tak update..

Anyway, not that I want to talk about.. So in that blog, every month I am featuring one contest enthusiast, so this is my second month, the first month, tayang diri sendiri dulu.. hunting for a person was not that though job either, cos being one of orang yang giler contest, we kinda of knows who is our, can I call as "rakan seangkatan". So this month, I have conducted the interview session with Ayu Arjuna..

Kesimpulannyer, ramai yang giler contest, and ramai jugak yang dah menang besar macam-macam through contest... contest can make one of our dream comes true. kadang-kadang tak pernah terfikir pun akan pergi sane.. macam I sendiri, I never think that Im going to Hollywood at all, and next to come, South Africa.. if it is not because of a contest, I dont think I ever touch Hollywood or South Africa kan.. and this year saje, I dah berjaya mengutip RM3,000 cash (RM2,000 from Idol contest and another RM1,000 from Nuffnang Friso Contest) and ni semua tak termasuk ape bagai I menang dari blogging contest...

and if you say this year is my lucky year, betul la jugak, but i dont really agree with that lah kan.. sebab nyer, this year memang i rajin benor masuk contest, and banyak contest yang i masuk tapi berapa kerat je lah yang menang.

Kan I ade maintain satu blog just for me to participate in a contest.. kalau nak tengok statistik dari december 2009 sampai la ni, i dah masuk dalam 259 contests, and dalam pade tu, I cume menang less than 30 contests jer.. so sebenarnyer nak ikut statistik, tak de lah lucky pun kan...

and all contest needs effort, setakat ni baru satu je contest yang based on lucky draw i menang.. the rest is all from my effort, cari gambar lawa, good posting, be creative, ngadap one entry for 2-3 days, google for info, edit gambar..

Cume, my style, I cume masuk only online contest, memang agak malas, nak kerat majalah, surat khabar ape bagai, n pergi cari post box and post.. mungkin lepas ni kan.. kalau ade angin ribut taufan bagi i rajin sikit buat bende tu semua.. 

anyway, its fun watt... dapat tiket free, top up free, frame gambar freee.... and u get a lot of friends along the way.. 

This month we are proud to bring another Contest Enthusiast on MALAYSIA Giveaway. She is very approachable and I have once met her during the launching of Project Alpha Season 2, even though it was a little while, I could feel her warmth and humble and it is proven dealing with her during my "interviewing" session. Introducing Ayu Rafikah or better known as Ayu Arjuna. Her website

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Can you introduce yourself?

Ayu: A mother of 5 kids; Anaqi  9 years old, Adriana 7 yeras old, Akid 5 years old, Afiq 3 years old and Amani 2 months). A wife to Encik Zulhazmi Saad. Now attached with Centre For Foundation Studies UIA and plan to further study very soon.

MALAYSIA Giveaway: How do you started blogging?

Ayu: I became a blogger somewhere in May 2009 just because I wanted to join a Contest organized by women's Thereafter, my blog posting become more on personal thought, achievement  and etc (more on diary and personal journey)

MALAYSIA Giveaway: When do you started participating in the contests and how you become addicted to contest?

Ayu: be exact not sure when it started but after I moved to KL (after finished my master in 2001), I enjoy reading local magazine and started to join the contest from the magazine and thereafter, newspaper. And wherever I go for a shopping. I love to "rembat" any contest forms..heheh. And the best part my hubby always support me! (always asked me before he went to shop "ada barang apa2 nak beli untuk masuk contest?)

MALAYSIA Giveaway: What is your biggest winning so far?

Ayu: Cash! last year I manage to collect RM15,600 total cash, varieties from many contests. RM10,000 value off Tesco's vouchers which I won from and Tesco (treasure hunt) in 2003.

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any contest moment you want to share..

Every time when we won's our achievement..our enjoyment.

However, I still remember when I won 3 days 2 night and on top of that "Berbuka Puasa for 10 persons" at Marriot Hotel under Intrend Magazine, Makan Besar Bersama Keluarga sempena Tahun Baru cina under Nestle..where I could invite most of my relatives in KL to join me... (just like family gathering)
and also new experienced for me when I won Drypers contest under, me and my son have to go for photoshoot (for adv in Berita Harian, Metro and The Star newspapers) and also I had to record my voice (iklan kat radio Sinar.Fm..kehkeh)

Tapi yang paling menyentuh perasaan...masa menang under Vanietta Walls dan Harian Metro dapat cash RM1k dan buat aktiviti di rumah anak yatim yang terpilih..sedih dan terharu....the experience is really priceless

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any tips to win a contest?

Ayu: Put your effort, don't give up, just be yourself and have fun!

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any comments for blog contest organizer?

Ayu: Be more transparent... :p

MALAYSIA Giveaway: Any comments on MALAYSIA Giveaway? Suggestions, recommendations, criticism..

You did a good comment at all.... two thumbs up!

Thank you Ayu!!! I appreciate your time ya..



mama zharfan said...

very well written mira :)
me masa kat msia memang suka sgt2 masuk magz contest..and lumayan jugak tau hadiah2 nya :)

This is .... said...

rajinnya kak mira join contest.. saya malas nak penuhkan blog dengan segala-mala contest.. hihi. nak buat blog lain untuk contest pun, malas.. hehe..

Iryani Noor said...

ayu nie pon kire geng sengkatan ngan ko yg suker ber'contest" la ekk... bnyk tu cash yg die menang... rezeki tu rezeki...
aku nie malas nk msk contest, nk kena wat entry bagai.. tp sebenar nyer idea xkreatif.. kekekeke..
neway tak sabar nk tgk entry2 baru ko..

mama_umar_maryam said...

zt tertarik dgn kebarangkalian join 200+ contest,sangkut 30+ menang contest..haaa,its not depend on luck semate2kan ;)


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