Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Love to Touch My ...... Details reading required!!

I LOVE TO TOUCH MY Emir's skin, but now hugging and kissing him seems a luxury cos he is now a one growing toddler who knows that he is a BOY.. for him, tak macho lah kene peluk cium gitu especially in public..

I LOVE TO TOUCH MY mother-in-law's cat's fur, basically any pets' fur but unfortunately I am having astmatic since my childhood, plus I really afraid of all pets, loves the furs but afraid of pets -- can aaa.. ??

Next, I LOVE TO TOUCH MY big tummy when I was heavily pregnant 4 years back, seeing the baby kicking and jumping makes me loves my body most at that time, haha, but now, to get pregnant is phew... hard work :p

I LOVE TO TOUCH MY dream - yer la tu.., especially when it is a good dreamm like errr... sitting on millions of cash.. but impossible lah, sitting on the files can laaa...

Well, actually it is not impossible :) Let me tell you how...

1. You want to HUG and TOUCH something all the times without feeling guilty?????

 WATCH this...


2. You want to TOUCH your dreams???


Who can make this thing possible???

Can't see the symbol???

Do you know what does LG means???

Ok ok.... LG means

LG has recently launch all new LG Cookie series - LG Cookie3G (LG KM555), LG Cookie Plus (LG GS500) and LG Cookie Fresh (LG GS290), with bigger and more vibrant colours to boot.

Launched last year, the most affordable TOUCH screen mobile phone on the block was a big hit with everybody. Now, it’s back and better!! Why???

1 picture worth a thousand words!!! Can you see how many WHY YOU MUST HAVE THIS COOKIES in above picture??? Click on the picture for a larger view..

You know, how Cookie is LG Cookie is??? (Click for larger view)

LG Cookie Review


So ....

and welcome...

LG Cookie3G (LG KM555) , LG Cookie Plus (LG GS500) and LG Cookie Fresh (LG GS290)


Do you want those phone for FREE???

is throwing LG Cookie Monster Party for Nuffnangers! on 24 July 2010 at Neutral Club, Jalan P. Ramlee  to celebrate the launch of the LG Cookie Plus


and Kennysia will be the host for this LG Cookie Monster Party.. 


You don't know who Kennysia is???

Yes, he is getting large earning income from just blogging !!!


and this is the juicy part -- the prizes!!!

How do you want to get the invite???

Be the 100 most creative blogs!!! For more details click here..


mama zharfan said...

nice entry mira!!! good luck ;) i rasa u will be among the 100 ;)

ashra said...

hehe..da agak kalu kreatif2,syiok baca ni..mesti masuk contest.
bes2..insyaallah ada rezki tu.gud luck! =)

Iryani Noor said...

again, ko mmg kreatif..
leh menang nihh..
gud luck bebehh

Ibu Emir said...

mama zharfan: i hope so.. but i got a problem submitting the entry.. dunno sampai to them or not..

ashra: huhu, lame tapi nak buat entry ni.. nak amik mood lagi hehehe

yani: menang jauh sekali kot.. banyak lagi mereke-mereke kat luar tu..

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

Good Luck Mira !!! :-)


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