Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to win Nuffnang's contests??

Well, I did not win any mobile phones from the last two contests.. I mean, did you remember my blog post on
 And so am I frustrated, of course adelah sikit especially I  have "suffered" to complete the entries for more than a day <ok sape suruh masuk contest kan> To be honest, after participating few contests organized by Nuffnang and knows the winner.. I kinda of knowing what Nuffnang is looking for

Yes, you got it right -- creativity and humor..

but again, creativity is not enough. from my observation Nuffnang would like to see more entries that comes with extra extra effort. and I know by doing something like this is not enough..

what they are looking for is like this..
credit to The Egg Yolks

For your information, The Egg Yolks would never fail to attract the judges. They have won almost ALL Nuffnang's blog contests.. and their secret is non other than DOODLE

Doodling is their added advantage and plus, The Egg Yolks is really creative in presenting their stories, somehow you could kinda of smiling and most of the time, I could guarantee they might win the contest.. , While other bloggers like me merely has to rely on lengthy wordings and sometimes grandfather's stories, they are using the advancement of technology..

Of course, I have that intention to learn how to Doodle but aaahh, time consuming lah.. Do you know, everytime I participated in Nuffnang's contests I would blog hopping and I would list down who that I think could win this contest. Even though it was not 100% accurate but at least dua tiga name tu melekat lah..

and honestly, I know that myself and Kak Ros from Little Mama could win consolation prizes for Sloggi contests and my prediction was right. sorry Kak Ros, I dont underestimate you ya.. you are damn good with words and fresh ideas!! huhu.. The Egg Yolks was too strong for us hehehe.. and honestly again, I love my entry on My Water Moment but I think I forgot to elaborate more on the products presented.. Lagipun tak de lah sehebat yang menang.. and for my Friso contest, itu sungguh unexpected...

and of course, I could not deny that sometimes I questioned those winners like "macam mane ni boleh menang yer"... but again.. I am grateful cos at least I managed to "grab" some prizes from Nuffnang kan.. To date, I have won Sloggi contests and Nuffnang Friso Gold Post Event Contest from Nuffnang.. Alhamdulillah...

Any thoughts?



kunci said...

mira u r my inspiration.

pagi tadi i told my husband i gi pos keratan contest and he replied... so bole menang rumah tu ke?*perli la ni kann...

and i said oh belom lagi.. kena masuk lagi 290 contest! HEHE.

mama_umar_maryam said...

xper mira,still zt suke bc ur n3 klu mira join mane2 contest pon,yg diorg dah bese dan teror gune software lukis2 camni mmg kacang la pd diorg..hey,atleast u've won flight tiket tau ;p!

mama zharfan said...

me envy those yg tau but doodling tu :P sbb me yilek :P

Nia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nia said...

i berazam nak belajar buat doodle jugak!! tak kira..huhu

Entri Terkini: Anti-Perempuan

Em's Family said...

kunci: serious.. good good, kalau menang ape2 let me know.. mane tau kan, rezeki u lagii murah

zety: haha, ye laa tapi kan flight ticket tu pun increase my expenses jugak, takkan datang tak beli ape2 kan..

suzie and nia: jom kite belajar buat doodle


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