Thursday, July 01, 2010

and so I redeem my Sloggi vouchers

yesterday at The Gardens. Anyway, I am on MC today, I might say, a weird tummy pain and diarrhea followed by vomiting. I was ready to go to work but unfortunately the pain became unbearable, called Naz asking her opinion since I already had an extensive leaves records. Takut weih nak amik MC..
Since I had a con call this morning, so I gagahkan diri pergi office jugak, but half way, I couldnt make it cos I need the toilet,, seriously dude, something funny. and I vomited once again. and finally I decided to take a rest at home. Ni betul betul lah MC, and I was weak, ye laa air dah banyak keluar kan.. Called office and text my partner but still I keep my eyes closed for an incoming emails. Had to cancel the con call. 

The day before, while Emir and Papa enjoyed their dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop, I refused to eat (which was a weird of me), tak lalu giler nak makan, loya macam nak muntah pun ade. So, I didnt take anything for dinner. So my last meal was my lunch with my colleagues, with Tom Yam and White rice, but the thing is, I sorang jee sakit perut padahal orang lain pun order tomyam jugak. So I dont know. maybe perut lain-lain kot.

Ok, dont get me wrong, I am not pregnant, korang bile nampak je loya sakit perut pening-pening, terus kamu kamu ingat orang ngandung..ish ish ish Kalau ade amin... but I dont think so. and I am not going to check pun, malas.. check check asyik negative je. so malas nak amik tau..

So, balik dari klinik, after godek-godek komputer, internet sane sini kejap, i terus kedebummmm sampai la pukul 6 huhu.. but yang tak best tu, bile bangun terus sakit perut!!!! I hope everything is back to normal tomorrow. but still loya.. uwaaa. Mr. husband pun pelik, jarang benor laa bini dia lembik lagu ni kan..

Anyway, back to the main story.. I have redeemed my winning vouchers from Sloggi contest. One of the voucher expired on 30 June, tu yang baru tergopoh gapah nak redeem tu, the rest expired on 31 July, so dah alang-alang, redeem je sekali arong..

After reading Kak Ros's experienced redeeming the same vouchers, so I already set my mind that would not going to be easy dealing with the sales assistant cos they might persuade us to buy more than the amount stated on the vouchers. My first step, I went to Origin (voucher RM250)

The sales assistant was friendly, he asked me what I wanted - body or skin care, so since honestly I already abandoned my facial thingy quite some time, so I chose skin care. memang la best bile dengar kan, he tested my skin, which products are suitable for my skin and wat not. While I was nearly buying something else, Encik Emran sibuk panggil I suruh bawak Emir gi toilet. so i had to excuse myself and rushed to the toilet for Emir. and when I came back to the shop that sales assistant was entertaining other customer. Phew, so yang lagi sorang tu malas-malas sikit nak layan. So I just took what I want and cabut!! u know, i memang senang sikit makan cakap SA ni haha. But again I have to pay an extra of RM18. Combine2 macam mane pun still kene bayar RM18 extra, cos the facial wash cost RM88 (and I desperately need it) and toner, moisturizer, serum all priced at RM180, but I chose serum.  so total priced was RM268. 

Then, I have two others vouchers to redeem, Sloggi products worth RM135 and Sloggi voucher worth RM50 which apparently I could not combine. Sloggi voucher is only applicable for Sloggi bra minus RM50. So, I went to Robinsons. And it was again, not an easy task. The SA has to make a call to confirm on my vouchers since the RM135 vouchers tu surat photocopy biase jer.. Memanglah susah nak percaya kan..
Then after a few calls, the SA confirmed that I have not utilised the vouchers (ingat I muke nak tipu kot huhu), so she said that I can redeem so long it does not exceed RM135. So instead of choosing Sloggi bra which already cost at RM89.90 (minimum), so I chose panties. Sudahlah kamu Mira, cakap saje lah tak de size :p. I managed to grab 6 sets which cost at RM131+. 

But again, the SA made another call to confirm my items. Lame gak la depa sembang dalam bahasa yang I tak paham. Tup tap tup tap, the SA said, this voucher is only applicable for 1 bra and 1 panties. Wah ape lagi, dengan menggunakan kepakaran yang sedikit dalam memahami bait-bait ayat Law, I kindly told the SA that the letter didnt state any such condition on the items. By right if they wanted to do so, it should be earlier stated on the letter, ni tak dak pun.

So this SA buat lah another call dan another call. Finally BOLEH pun. Tapi untuk Sloggi voucher tu malas la nak argue kan, kang dua dua tak dapat lagi leceh haha. But i didnt redeem the Sloggi voucher yang RM50 tu, sebab not worth it, cam mane pun at least u kene tambah RM40. tak mo la..

I already informed my sister, in case depa nak kan.. tapi depa tak mo.. so ade orang nak tak voucher sloggi ni, cos I am not going to use it, RM50. Kalau nak drop me a note yer. Kalau tak, burn begitu saje, but just wanna inform u, sloggi bra price at a minimum of RM80+.

p/s gambo sekarang dari iphone ni sungguhlah tidak berkualiti..



mama zharfan said...

congrats...and me memang paham sgt kelecehan redeem voucher yg byk nonsense t& c ni :)

Iryani Noor said...

hope ur getting better babe...
ada la tu ko silap mkn aper2...

neway aku pon since pregnant kn sofia dh lama tak berfacial bagai... nnt kasi review sikit pasal product origins tu ekk.. mcm menarik jer =p..

BabyBooned said...

huh.. bab yang buat pregnant test tu asyik negative, i can relate babe.. sama ah kita.

amboi amboi syok nya tayang kemenangan-kemenangan! hehehehehehee :p

Syima Emi said...

best nye dapat sloggi stuff ;)


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