Thursday, June 10, 2010

Los Angeles - Day 6 (Last Day)

Finally, I landed at the last day for LA entry. hehe..

Since the day before I was too exhausted, the next day I was ter-overslept, only woke up when I heard someone knocking on my door. So, I looked at the door hole and saw one woman and a guy standing in front of my door. So I opened the door, and the guy said

"Its already checked out time, what time you want to go down"
Dalan hati i was like waaaaaaatttt - pukul berape aku bangun ni, tp buat muke macho
"what time you allow me for late check out"
"there is no late check out here"
"ok, how about 20 minutes from now??"
"ok, thats fine"


20 minit?????I didnt pack anything yet!! My shopping bags were all over the palce, worst still I havent shower , even worst, not even brush my teeth. Looked at the watch and was surprised it was just 11 am in the morning, biar benar hotel nak check out pukul 11.

So I called the reception, and confirmed they didnt allow late check out, but if I wanted to do so, I have to pay $25 but only up until 1pm, so i chose that option..

Mau tak kelam kabut, nak mandi, nak packing, nak makan aaa semua sekalilaa.

hotel lobby kecik jer...

But I managed to settle everything by 1pm..

So the sponsor has arranged an airport transfer car at 6pm, so I decided to go to Universal Studio area , the City Walk..Dalam hati takut sesat, tapi takkan nak explore lagi Hollywood kan.. so took a subway from Hollywood Highland and stopped at Universal City..

and this time everything seems tourist friendly, signboard was there, tourists were there and shuttle bus just across the subway station..

Yes, dapatlah sampai sini

I guess when I arrived, ade show

But I didnt pruchase the ticket since I spent too much  on Disneyland trip, lagi pun mane sem[at dah kul 1, and must be at my hotel by 6 pm. Membazir jer kan

Nasib  bende alah ni kat luar entrance

Official Universal Studio Store

Puan Amira


I must take pictures at Hard Rock cafes as this is where my money goes :)

Then ade iFly

Ok with Despicable, cartoon ape I dont know, tengok orangberebut i pun ikut same :D

He is a trainer

Kalau orang biase tak mampu buat macam ni

and I dont understand why this lady wearing this gown

Not only her OK

when I saw this fountain, teringat dekat Emir kat Jusco AU2

and yes, teh rest of the day, I didnt take any pictures.. dah malas hehehe


heheheehe.. only one minor entry left :p


ashra said...

wahh..da balik da ye.
=) time ko bc ni,mesti da smpi mesia..
peluk emir puas2 ye..


mama_umar_maryam said...

fuhhh..zety bace n3 LA ni pon mcm laju2 jugak dan semput napas,hehehe,lagi2 bile bc kene cekout awal tu,klu zetyla dah meraung,hahaha..btw,sure nk dtg sini lgkan and of cos bring emir & family pulak ;)

Em's Family said...

ashra: mira dah balik nak dekat 2 minggu dah.. tapi tak sempat nak update setiap hari eheheh

mama umar maryam: i nak meraung jugak, control cun la kan. hehehe.. memang nak bawak emir, tapi huhu biile tu..


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