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Los Angeles - Day 5 - The most adventurous day in LA (Part 1)

Bear with me, I only have two days to go and perhaps another 2 to 3 entries about LA, then Im off, back to nag about my daily life. Anyway, Day 5 marked the most memorable journey that I won't encounter anywhere (I think so). In conclusion, I am really having a bad sense of direction and I think I am quite brave, independent .. hehehe.. But to repeat again no no no..

Day 5 was the only full day for me as a solo traveler. Based on my schedule, I should visit Universal Studio since I know that Disneyland is too too far away + I already visited Disneyland in Japan just few months back. But since I dunno lah, maybe because I brought along my laptop, so I had ample time for Disneyland's website to influence me on the day before.

So there you go, tutup mata, jalan saja. Based on the internet, to go to the Disneyland Anaheim, California by public transport - from Hollywood, I have to take subway at Hollywood Highlands to Union Station, then take either Amtrak line or Metrolink line and stop at Anaheim.

I browsed the internet and find out Metrolink line cost $7+, however, Amtrak line on that day, the site was under maintenance. Oklah fine. I reached Union Station around 10am, and straight away, I found the Metroline Kiosk and immediately I  bought the ticket to Anaheim.

And this is my thought, the platform is really confusing, it took me a while to get to the right platform and it was so hard to see the staff around, but UNFORTUNATELY, when I asked the staff, he told me, "the next train is at 2+pm" I was like WHAT, unlike in Japan, the signboard was marked clear the train line to Disneyland and seriously I thought, the train is always around. So the staff told me to ask the counter in case I can get the refund.

But again UNFORTUNATELY, I could only change the ticket to 2pm, the original ticket EXPIRED at 1pm (sakit hati tak, dah la mahal), but going to Disneyland at 2pm.. No way, so I asked the counter and she asked me to go to Amtrak line.

At Amtrak line, the next train would be around 11am (if I am not mistaken) and I was so shocked cos the ticket cost me $16, so now I have spent $23 (nak dekat RM70 ok), but since I already planned to go there, so let it be..

Amtrak train is a two levels train. But my journey didn't end there. When I reached the Anaheim station, there was NO sign on  how to go to the Disneyland, but based on my findings earlier on, I can just walked around 20 min (my GPS also stated 20 min) and mind you, I was in the middle of nowhere.. yes, I saw the cab, but thinking of I already spent $23 bucks, so I decided to walk.

Again, sorry I am comparing with Japan, I was hoping that someone is also going to Disneyland, but only less than 10 people stopped at Anaheim, can you imagine, public transport is sooo not popular here. So, I started to walk, again, there was NOBODY walking, except me. I was a bit panicked. I couldn't find a cab and I couldn't find the Disney's signboard.

So, I reached the Anaheim stadium and asked at the counter, the guy told me that it was still FARRRRRRRRRRRR and he suggested me to take a bus, I agreed since I have already walked for 20 minutes. So, I waited for the bus here.

Dunno where lah, but somewhere around. I was at the opposite side. The first thing when I stepped into the bus, I asked the bus driver whether that bus was heading to Disneyland and the bus driver said Yes. I told him to stop me at the Disneyland. Seriously, this is farrrrrr away from my reading.. I didnt have a clue at all where to go. Before that, it was nearly to 1pm.

but UNFORTUNATELY, I was sitting behind the driver and to make it worst, behind the pillar. After few minutes on the bus, I saw the Disney sign but UNFORTUNATELY, the bus didn't stop. So, I was like, okay.. maybe ade jalan lain kot, since Disneyland tu nampak too far away.. I heard people screaming.. The bus was packed with locals and everyone was looking at this young lady with bertudung. So, I passed by Orange County, I passed by Chedar, macam-macam lah, and that was nooooottt goood, hati ni dah jantung naik dah, takut babe, ntah mane2 tah kawasan.. so before the bus reached Long Beach (the last station and I was actually two stations away), I asked the bus driver

"where is Disneyland" and UNFORTUNATELY the bus driver touched his head and said

"I am so sorry. I forgot about you" I was like WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT

But I am calmly asked the bus driver "Ok what should I do now"
"You have to cross the street, and take another bus and stop at Harbor Boulevard"

Sob sob sob.. so my transportation fee sudah jadi ($7 + $16 + $1.25 +1.25)

I remember I stopped at Chedar, but seriously I have no mood to take pictures cos it was already 1pm+ (rugilah masuk Disneyland lambat-lambat). Plus, I was so mad with the system and afraid at the same time. I was in the middle of nowhere. Behind me at the bus stop, ade polis investigating something, and the guy sitting beside me was busy solving his crossword puzzle and they were two homeless ladies sleeping in front of me. So nice view tak?? hehe (sekarang gelak la, mase tu risau jugak). and the bus only came after 20 minutes of waiting (that time, I dah sumpah-sumpah ok, public transport, elok lagi Malaysia). and at this time, I tak takut pun cos I was really really really really MAD.

There you go, I stopped at Harbor Boulevard but the bus didn't stop at the front gate ok. UNFORTUNATELY I still have to walk around 10 minutes to reach there (of course with the guide of passer by). 

and I only reached Disneyland at 2.10pm and still bought the ticket at the price of $72. Bengang betul mase tu.. but thinking of I may not have a chance to reach here again, so ok lah..

It took me 4 hours to see this sign

Finally I reached the destination. Disneyland California. Two exciting park California Adventure and Disneyland Theme Park, I opted to go to Disneyland

Muke bengkek with the O sign

Goofy in action

Ok, I am happy actually. I least I have something to tell kan

The Disney city

I think I forgot to upload one picture, this is so call future house, everything is high tech wannn..


Took this train to see what Disneyland California could offer.. hehehe

then I took a ride

for Buzz Lightyear.. yesss.. I was all alone, enjoying myself

Then, I queued up to take pictures the three Disney princess. 

The girls dressed up to meet their princess

Comel kan..

and after Q-ing for an hour...

Finally, with Tinkerbell

With Princess Jasmine

with Snow White

How I wish Emir was there kan...

This is a food stall

at Mickey's house. on my way to meet my son's fave cartoon. Still have to Q, but i think around 30 min.. yes the park was packed since now is the summer holiday..

Mickey and me..

at Minnie's house..

MORE EXCITING STORY.. my journey didnt end there.. Worst to come NEXT.. :)

To be continued..



ashra said...

balik ni,cuci trus gambo,albumkan..sgt cantik.hehe

wahhh..tinggal dua hari je lagi la ye.tapi,puas tu berjalan seminggu kat LA. next time,le bawa hubby and emir.

Em's Family said...

cuci tak kot hahaha. dah malas.. letak alam maya jer :)

puas jugak la berjalan :) nak bawak derang tengo kmenang contest ape pulak, kalau tak.. tak de la kot ... mahallll

im_an_ibu said...

sgt heaven dpt cutik free, kan? dahla lame plak tuh. i tgk gamba u pon dah terasa sgtla best. senyum i berangan sorg~~ hihih

This is .... said...

bestnya.. walaupun sorang2, once in a lifetime tu merasa pengalaman begini.. :P tahniah kak mira.

Syana said...

mira.. bestnya... seronok tgk gambar2 mira..

Iryani Noor said...

babe, minnie house die mcm lebih kurang sama yg kt jepun ehh?? btw nape ko jln sorg?? mana member2 ko yg lain??


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