Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Los Angeles - Day 5 - 5 - The most adventurous day in LA (Part 2)

Lets continue... or let's finish it as soon as possible..

Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin...


The parade...

Anyhow, the parade was much more happening compared to Disneyland Japan :)

Two thumbs up for the sporting visitors

Smallworld.. Sebijik macam kat Japan, name pun Disneyland kan..

Entering to the small town..

It's a small world round a round..

I Love it...tengok kebesaran Allah, jadikan macam-macam orang with macam macam culture


I think this is Thai


and tak sah kalau pergo Disney tak ambik this spot

Now, lets begin the story. I told myself that I should exit the Disneyland at 630 in case I get lost. But unfortunately, that place was too irresistable, I only managed to step off from the Disneyland around 730 pm (cerah lagi). Since there were no staffs know which bus should i use to go to the Metroline, so they asked me to use this shuttle bus..

I thought the bus stopped me at any bus stop, but no no no, the bus only stopped at the CAR PARK and the car park area is very very very big space. So I asked the guard and he asked me to walk down the street and waited for the bus.

So, when I reached there, one gentleman told me to take Bus no 43. Again, I think I waited for the bus for almost 40 minutes and it was already dark. I told the bus driver to stop me at the Metroline station, this time I asked the driver few times.

I was quite panicked as seriously I didnt know where to go and it seems the route did not match when I came. I stopped the bus (nak turun lah), then the bus driver shouted at me

"Lady, you said you want to go to Metroline Station"
"Step up, I am going there"

Again, after 10 minutes the bus did not stop, so I asked again
"where is Metroline station"
"I will stop exactly at Metroline"

Ok, I reached there but yes, it was not the same place as before. I asked local people around where to buy the Metroline ticket and you know, they didnt know.. All they know were Amtrak.

Dengan hati yang luke, I know I have to spend another $16 (ye ye saya kedekut, even though mase tu dah pukul 8.40 malam). So I had no choice but to purchase the Amtrak ticket at $14 and guess what...

THE TRAIN ARRIVED at 10.30 pm and the last train from Union Station to Hollywood was at 11.30 pm and the journey from Anaheim to Union Station would take almost 1 hour. Tak gelabah??? Gelabah giler ok..

And the station adalah sangat scary..

Tengoklah station ni, KOSONG and adalah homeless people tidor.. This is San Pedro station

But at least ade sorang mamat ni nak pergi San Diego (saw the ticket) and dia pakai proper.. (boleh percaya lah), bace business magazine.. so even dia bangun, I ikut dia dari belakang senyap-senyap hahaha.

and the train only arrived at 10.40pm ok... added some spice of my "kegelabahan".

I reached Union Station at 11.30pm and never in my life I really run to catch the train. Macam orang nak lari Amazing Race tu, macam tu lah aku lari ok. Asked the guard, and lucky me the train still ade..

I ran and quickly purchased the ticket. But imagine, there were no staffs around, and they only rely on ticket kiosk. Dah la nak cepat, the machine REJECTED my cash.. (mase ni serious nak nangis). After few attempts, the machine managed to accept my $1.25.

So, I was in the train heading to Hollywood at 11.40pm. and tell ya... I was scared.. tahulah orang US macam mane kan.. takut jugak, and the tourist pun macam tak betul jer.. Nampak mabuk semua.

I supposed to stop at Hollywood Highlands until I found out that I WAS AT THE WRONG TRAIN!!

Mase tu menyumpah diri sendiri, macam mane boleh tak perasan...

and it was already 11.50pm. again LUCKY me.. ade couple sesat macam I, so I joined them and MEMANG LARI MAUT punyer.. cos the right train dah sampai and GUESS WHAT, elevator was so far away, so we had to use stairs and the stairs - REALLY HIGH.. U know macam dekat KLIA tu, yang elevator tinggi sekali tu, macam tu lah jauhnyer.. Imagine macam mane I lari...


Finally I arrived Hollywood Highland and my journey didnt end there. I had to walk for another 15 minutes to reach my hotel.
Dah la tak boleh sembahyang, nak bace ape pun tak tau. I seriously recite whatever I could remember. Tawakal jer. Takut ade gun shot ke ape, dah la sorang, kalau jadi ape-ape, no one knows me. Jumpe orang yang tak berape betul tok sah cakap lah..  I kept walking, I dun really care that I was cold, all I think that time was, I must be safe and sound..

and Alhamdulillah, I was soo relief when I saw Comfort Inn at 1230 am...................

Yes, the priceless experience but dont think I want to do it again.


Jojoe, as you know her. said...

fuh i baca pun risau... dah la sorang2..aiyo.

This is .... said...

memang mencabar lah.. Alhamdulillah, semua selamat..

Iryani Noor said...

pergh kalu aku la, confirm dh nangess... cuak tu.. dh la sengsorg, mlm2 lak tu.. scaryy2..


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