Saturday, June 05, 2010

Los Angeles - Day 4 - Part 1

and finally I had to face the day, the day when I own the solo traveller title, of cos-lah not looking forward for it especially I am suffering from "buta arah" disease. and I was supposed to meet others at 9am for breakfast, but err terover slept, Mr. Ooi gave me a wake up call

"Eh, mira you are in ur room"
"Oklah then"
"why Mr. Ooi?"
"we were wondering where were you, ketuk bilik tak jawab, kalau tido its ok, at least you are still in your room"

Ok, thats the time when I looked at the watch and o-oh, it was nearly to 10 30 am huhu. So the first thing that I did (even tak mandi pun ha-ha) went for my free breakfast.. and yes again I ordered this, buttermilk pancake but this time with banana..

i was too tired the other day until I forgot to charge all batteries, forcing me to have late checked out, tak mo lah bateri sikit nak berjalan.. and at 1pm, I'm done with The Standard Hotel. Took a cab to my own expenses hotel, which was about 20 minutes but the cab cost me around USD20 mahal giler ok). but thinking of having these two bulky bags, so berserah je lah..

I stayed at Comfort Inn & Suites for two days, the cheapes and presentable that I could find in LA which cost me around RM720, paid in RM as I asked the travel agent to assist me. senang..

The first thing that I checked when I stepped into the room was the toilet.. and luckily this time, the toilet was quite dirty, so I requested to change to another room, and this is the room..

Im quite satisfied with the facilities even though it is just a motel, ade microwave, ade kettle (The Standard tak bagi ok, kalau nak, kene request, and setiap kali orang datang kene bagi tips $2, boleh brankrupt yer, but i cume bagi once jer).

Then immediately after dropping off my bag, terus pergi Hollywood area, it just 15 min walks from my hotel.

Jom jalan jalan

Ripley's  Believe it or Not Museum

Tempat beli souvenirs...

Jalan-jalan I decided to go for the sightseeing trip, so I joined Starline, quite expensive, cost me about $46 inclusive tips for 2 1/2 hours trip, but sape nak bawak pergi Rodeo Drive, BeverlyHills, and peep at the celebrities mansion kan.. so tutup mate sila pergi, lagi pun still within that RM2000 hehe

Waiting area was next to the Chinese Theatre

Even older than Hollywood Walks of Fame..

First we went to Hollywood area. On the way up to the Hollywood's sign, we passed by few celebrities houses, banyak but I only uploaded the famous celebs je hehehe

Ini adalah rumah Charlize Theron.. ADe Orlando Bloom punyer rumah tapi mane pergi ntah.. patut dah upload.. But usaully most of the houses are behind the bushes..

Ni lah tempat scene A Nightmare on Elm Street. Looks spooky jugak

Have to take my own picture lah kan

House of Blues, understand that the owner if I am not mistaken Robert Johnson, has spent 3 million to renovate the place to be like that, which I think in Malaysia it wont cost more than RM50K rite.. hehehe

Part of LA.. nice view kan..


Tak sah kalau tak pergi Hollywood, tak ambik gambar the sign rite.. ni tertinggal untuk edit pulak hehehe

Unfortunately the sign is too far and the kind gentleman forgot to zoom the Hollywood. but at leaast boleh la kan..


Nia said...

kalau dapat pegi dengan family pun best kan! best la dpt pegi tengok hollywood sign tu live..hehe

Iryani Noor said...

babe.. pancake die nampak cam bestt jer.. hehehe...
cantik la view LA.. kalu amik gambar waktu mlm mesti lagi grand kan... btw ko masuk tak Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum?? mcm best jer..

Ummiross said...

waa bestnya ke LA...lain kali nak ikut hehe

Ummi Dania Yasmine said...

Wahhh biler la ada peluang ke LA....pancake tu nampak best tapi banyaknyer....

mama zharfan said...

best..semua best..pancake best, trip ni sgtlah best...sbb RM2k tu pun best dpt free kan :)

ibu emir said...

nia: sape taknak bwk family kan, tp tu lah tiket mahai benor , lainlah kalau ade yg nk sponsor hehe..

Ummiross: best sebab free, kalau pergi sendiri tak mampu punyer, baik gi mekah

Ummi dania yasmine: tahun depan masuk American idol contest ok, mane tau kot2 ade rezeki, saje amik pancake simpan utk lunch sekali kekeke

Suzie: haah, rm2k tu bykkkkk bantu tu


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