Saturday, June 05, 2010

Los Angeles - Day 3 - Part 2 (with the Idols)

Mari jadi Ryan Seacrest dengan berkata


Don't ask us how we managed to snap pictures inside the hall. Adilla you are ROCK!! but again of course ade guard yang menegur kan.. but at least we made it hehehe

Before Ryan announced the winner.. yees our seat paling belakang sekali sebab the day before we seated paling nak depan. so we had to swap, kasik adil dan saksama, but not bad cos we got to see everything..

and as I predicted LEE is the winner...

dan saya adalah peminat LEE yang happy


After the concert



Aaron Kelly
Andrew Gracia

Casey James

I am skinny hehee and I am good at squeezing myself and tarikkkk the Idols haha. orang bengkek tapi saya buat tidak tahu sahaje :D

with Tim Urban

with Paige Miles

with Katie

with Big Mike

with Siobhan

with Didi

The two of us who refused to make any move. We were nearly grabbing Casey and anxiously waiting for Lee and Crystal to come out, BUT Mr. Ooi was hungy and terpakselah berserah dengan berat hati dan merelakan aje..

The last picture at Nokia Theatre


They said this meal was the best - I didnt eat anything cos this restaurant served pork

Jadi, lihat sajelah makanan yang ader

and biaselah, every night my room became the business center, tengok internet chit chatting, charging...  ape nak buat bilik orang mude heheeh.. orang mude sekarang mane boleh tingggal bende2 ni kan kan

and our last picture together as a group, the rest balik the next day..


Iryani Noor said...

wuuuu best nyer dpt amik gambar ngan idolss tuu... big mike tu chomell laa.. ahakss =p

toughcookie said...

ala... lupa kirim kat you peluk cium untuk big mike haha.... oh, sungguh hebat la you.

mama zharfan said...

wah...dpt posing dgn idols tu!!!

Em's Family said...

yani.. dia comel and sangat friendly ngan fans but not really Casey

toughcookie: ape la yang hebatner.. menyelit jer

suzie: huhu, dah alang2 datang kan hehehe


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