Saturday, June 05, 2010

Los Angeles - Day 3 - Part 1

First of all, let me show you the other view of this hotel from my friend's room. Being the most happening hotel in LA, I might say this the biggest drawback that I found was, the loud music was quite irritating especially for the rooms situated near to the bar (my room). the party ended sharp at 2. even though the sound was not quite severe, but staying alone in the hotel, I might say I felt insecure, thinking of errr "kalau ade orang masuk, ade orang boleh dngar tak kalau i jerit" huhu too much thinking haaa.

So only that day, we managed to get our free breakfast as the day before we were informed by the hotel management that our stay did not include breakfast. Text the sponsor and yadayadaya... the next day dapat la kan..

My hot chocolate

My buttermilk pancake - besar betul portion dia

with Mr Ooi and Pamela (her husband won the ticket but let the wife went for the trip as a token of appreciation, best kan)

And Mrs. Chan, she would fax a note to her childen eveeryday without fail..

So, since we had few hours before the show started, I dragged Mrs Chan to accompany me to go to Downtown LA where the Fashion District is located (err tengok Project Runaway tak??) and according to Adilla, this is the best place to get cheaper clothes compared to other part of LA. It would take I think around 20 - 30 minutes to reach there by car, but since we were using the metro (the bus) our journey took nearly one hour.and the trip cost $1.25 (one way). The best part of using the bus is that, we could explore other part of LA and yes, from our journey, I may conclude that LA is filled with immigrants especially the Mexican.

On the way there.. Downtown LA tempat business center dia lah

But to go this area, you must have someone to be with you as I may think that this is not really a safe place

With no map in hands, of cos we lost our direction and it took us a while to see this signboard. Hoiw cheap is cheap, yes, soooo cheap, as the same shirt at The Groove or Hollywood area would cost $4-$15, here, it only cost you $2

And the best part, we didnt know where was our starting point, sungguh buta arah, pity Mrs Chan she has to walk with me for hours before we decided to ask for the police's assistance to guide us. We were supposed to meet Adilla at 2 at the hotel, but at that time, it was already around 1.45 and we were still lost, so we decided to take the cab to go straight to the Nokia Theatre.

The red carpet welcoming the celebrities

This is Tony, anyone knows him?? :) I didnt :p

and the crowd on the Final Day - RAMAI GILER

But I managed to mengecilkan diri :p

and the security - adoiii, berape kali check point daaa

Adilla said - "Mira, take your pictures with Idol's background" Ok boss

Lepas tu dah masuk hall, camera kene simpan and soooo to be continued..

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