Friday, June 11, 2010

LA trip - Behind the Scene

For my own records.. 

The damage

I was trying my very best not to exceed the pocket money sponsored by CIMB and STAR World (Shamel, sorry I just realized that STAR World spells as STAR World not Starworld). But yeah.. err as expected it was a very tough job :) The calculation below only up till my Hollywood experience, the Disney damage was not included yet. 

Huhu, but at least.. someone paid for my trip which I guess nearly up to RM14,000. :)

The Finale

How could I am not taking any picture of this ticket kan.. even the American has to line up to get the ticket. For your information, the ticket is not for sale, it is only open for invitation, even we had to show our ID card to collect the ticket.

Yes, as I mentioned earlier.. yes, saya telah membuat banner.. and since I didnt bring along my marker and any cardboard, so I have used the hotel's laundry bag and my lipstick to write poLEEsh

and for a memory, I bought this shirt at the concert which cost me $20. Iyer.. t-shirt putih biase jer..

The Chauffeur Driven

The sponsors was kind enough to provide us with the Chauffeur Driven - naik Lincoln lagi... huhu, but the drawback, we have been "instructed" to give $20 tips (one way) to the driver.



mama zharfan said...

yg pasti trip once in a life time!! BEST!!

Em's Family said...

yerp.. dun think i would get it again.. definitely..


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