Friday, June 04, 2010

I am one of the consolation prize winner for Love World Love Sloggi Blog contest :)

I have safely arrived back to KL on Monday, but seriously I am easily get stressed thinking of the next day I have to go back to work. Yerp, its true, I do not know what emails I will be receiving, I do not know, how my boss would react and I certainly do not know what awaits me for tomorrow. Yes, my current job requires a certain level of stress and pressure which I am struggling to cope with it. True enough, my learning curve tremendously increased I might say by 200% but deep in my heart, I certainly tired of running one step ahead from the client. I am not looking forward with "Be ready" for any outcomes.

and that was the reason why I was away. Updating the blog, yes I eager to share my photos during my free trip visit to LA, but being fake is a big No No. Blog tunjuk happy tapi sebenarnyer TIDAK. Sorry, I am not that type of person yang hari hari nak update blog macam-mane-pun sebab nak maintain traffic Nuffnang. Yes, mungkin ade time yang hari hari I update blog, tapi yes dengan hati yang "eh i nak update sebab nak update lah"

and apart from that, my uncle passed away last week. To be exact, mase I tengah terkinja-kinja pasal American Idol kat LA. Yes, I felt guilty. Meninggal mengejut. Terfikir balik, nasib baiklah mase tengah bersuka ria dekat sane, Allah tak cabut nyawa. and one of the day, I was alone in LA, other winners dah balik Malaysia and I was the only one who extended the visit. To shorten the story - nanti bile upload gambar, I cerite yang full version-, I reached my hotel at1230 am ALONE, Allah jer tahu mase tu betapa takutnya especially on my way walking down the street at the alien area - Hollywood. 

 I spoke to my aunt just now and I was touched when she said, "macam mane pun life goes on, mamayang (my aunt - dapat name from Mama Sayang - creative rite :)) ok, cume I always thought that we will grow older together." Yes, I was silence and paused. I am not good in words. I just replied "ade hikmah, kite jer tak tahu ape kan"... Alfatihah.

Yes, Life goes on. in my case, macam mane susah I dengan keje I, I still have to work to meet my ends meet. I am not coming from a rich family where I can easily borrowed money from my parents and my husband is not like "nah amik duit ni pergi beli ape-ape yang you suke". Nope. I have to work hard to achieve what I want, be it having a built in wardrobe in my own house. 

But I couldnt deny that, the more we earn, the basket is even bigger kan :)

Ok sungguh melalut, saje nak bagi tahu I just won myself a Consolation prize for Love World Love Sloggi Contest. Click here if you wanna read my winning entry :). To that, I win myself
  • RM 250 Origins voucher
  • RM 135 worth of Sloggi products, and 
  • RM 50 Sloggi voucher
Alhamdulillah. Rezeki berpihak kepada Si Gemuk yang gila contest ini. 



mama zharfan said...

congrats mira for winning sloggi tu...ur winning entry is simply great :) i bet ramai giller yg join contest ni ;)

psl kematian tu...yepp...anytime je kan..and anyone memang sgt2 sensitif psl kematian after my dad passed away last year (15 june ni genap sethn )...mengejut jugak, sbb my dad sihat, until the day he coma and then baru dpt dia dia ada kanser hati :( :(

Nia said...

Qada' & Qadar Allah..peringatan untuk kita yang masih hidup..

btw, congrats ye menang Sloggi tu, ur 2nd winning with nuffnang ni...murah rezeki. i kena berguru dgn u nih..hehe

Wansteddy Tales said...

tahniah atas kemenangan, Mira ><
happy tgk kwn2 menang pelbagai contest ^^ rezeki dari allah taala

takziah atas kematian uncle Mira tu. semoga allah cucuri rahmat atas roh beliau, amin.

e.l.i.s.s.m.i.e said...

syok btol laa..congratz:) me tak sempat pun nak join.

BabyBooned said...

stop calling yourself Si Gemuk!!!!!

gerenti menang nye... ;D

BabyBooned said...

oops lupa nak ckp congrats!

blur je i ni

Em's Family said...

suzie: yes, even myself pun bab2 kematian ni i memang sensitif,sometimes it can easily take up my mood for the whole day padahal i tak de connection puin dengan orang tu, just bace kat paper je. especially kalau orangh tu ade anak kecik, bini tak keje, im thinking what will happen to orang ynag tinggal. yang pergi tetap akan pergi.

nia:keyword: entry mesti panjang and kene put extra effort and kene lain dari yang lain.. :)

wan: thank you yer

babybooned: err... emmm.. but couldnt help, GEMUK seems a special word, tak semua orang own that title :p

elissme: thank you , ijoin pun lambat jugak


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